Apples are better than Windows…

I could not be happier I have switched to Apple… I have been helping neighbours withe their new phones since out landlord changes operator for the hard weired net. This also means that out ISP is changing. I had a little problem with mine but after a couple of minutes everything just worked. Today I have spent 2,5 hours trying to get a neighbors laptop windows 7 machine to work with the new ISP. First of all the laptop has been away from the net for one month so windows needed to upgrade everything before I could even get to the network controls… We tried to get the wireless to work but I gave up and pugged in the ethernet and then it went a little better. After all upgrades where done I tried to connect with the router but I did not manage to get it to work so I gave up. I brought my iPad and MBA and to get these connected to the router was really easy. Just find the router and put in the password. No problems at all… I will have to go back later next week to get started all over again and get windows to work for them… Ok, enough ranting…

The dinner tonight was pretty standard for me. Three pork chops, butter and asparagus.

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The intakes for this delicious dish was

Skärmavbild 2013-07-22 kl. 22.35.35



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