More carbs today…

Today I did something that surprised even me. I fell into an urge to buy some chocolate and I justified the decision   by recognizing that the average carb intake this week was “destroyed” anyway… So during the afternoon and evening I have some nice espresso and half the chocolate “bar”. The carbs off course went up with this even thou the chocolate was a 70% one with “only” 34g per 100g…

For Brunch I have some of the kabanoss I normally eat as snack and for dinner I had fine cut pork, broccoli and butter. I made the celeriac butter I mentioned yesterday and I will describe the ingredients and process tomorrow.

The intakes today was:


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5 Responses to More carbs today…

  1. Julie says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the carbs..I think you do really great! I went to a LCHF lecture here in Luleå in March, and one of the speakers (Jonas something, a fitness trainer I believe), said that below 30grams of carbs a day falls under “very strict”. There were more divisions, for example 30-60 (I THINK), which was still “low”, but I can’t remember the rest….

    • Tommy says:

      Yea, Jonas’ “Levels” are a bit weird… I have met him a couple of times and in June I will be going to his 80 hour training to get myself a diploma… 🙂


  2. Julie says:

    Ooh nice…where will that be? Piteå?

  3. Julie says:

    Aha, I see. I thought I heard he was based up here…or maybe I’m making a mistake with the lingo from the lecture I attended.