New blood tests

Today I received a new test for my blood. This is a test that is sent away and it is looking primarily at the balance between the different fats in the blood (especially Omega 3 and Omega 6). I will do the test tomorrow morning and send it away. My guess is that I am quite Omega 6 heavy and thats not that good… But we’ll see…

Today I had a couple of burgers with butter. Nothing more nothing less…

13 0710-TommyTappar -20130710-00002IMG_2985

The intakes are looking good when it comes to fat ratio. Maybe the proteins are a bit low and I will try ti increase those with a couple of eggs tomorrow.

Skärmavbild 2013-07-10 kl. 20.22.54


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3 Responses to New blood tests

  1. Darrell says:

    Thanks again Tommy for your blog. When I get to feeling like nothing is working, I read where you lose a little more weight, and you’re still following the diet, and I think; It’s just got to start coming off. (Been extreme LCHF for over one month; and only down 3 pounds) 🙁 I take my body temp readings too, the first few days I shot up to the normal range in the 98’s, but this morning I’m 96.2 – I know if I could get my metabolism back up, something would burn off. Thanks again! I love the reading )

    • Tommy says:

      Thank you!

      I have not checked my temp but one thing I have noted the last weeks is that people around med are much more “whiney” about the heat in Sweden now. It has not bothered me at all yet… So maybe I am “cooler” nowadays, I don’t know.

      Sometimes the weightless takes some time. Try doing some measuring around the waist. Normally the measurements shows faster than the weight.

      If you are “periodic dieter” it can take some time for the body to understand it’s ok to burn the reserves (fat).

      Good luck and hang in there!


  2. Kurt Mauff says:

    Got your site from
    I am also on the LCHF since January this year. I have never been better. I am 61 years old and whish I had this info years before.
    As to Omega 3-6, I found a book (Amazon) called “The Heart Revolution” by dr Kilmer McCully. It is absolutely fascinating. The role of these 2 fats are curtail for good health.
    All the best, Kurt