Midsummer nights eve and lots of carbs

Today it’s a “bank holiday” (kind of…) in Sweden. This special Midsummer nights eve calls for some traditional food.

We had a family dinner at my parents house and as usual they had prepared really good food for us.

For lunch we got new potatoes, herring, sour-cream, butter and chives.

To the afternoon drinks and we had some small dishes…

…and a blind test of roe. Real Swedish roe from Kalix, Some American roe and a Swedish cheaper variant. It was easy to pick the Real Kalix roe…

For dinner we had pork loin with a really nice celery-butter. In a couple of days I will do this myself and share the recipes.

For dessert it is tradition to eat strawberries so I had some (maybe a bit to many of them…). During the evening I also ate some peanuts even thou I “shouldn’t”. To the strawberries a nice chèvre cheese was served. Much nicer than cream.

The carbs went up to a really “high” 31 grams. Highest in a very long time.




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One Response to Midsummer nights eve and lots of carbs

  1. Well, it all looks delicious! I am not a person for sweet food very much…more savory and your food really fits the bill. I’m looking forward to your recipes. Thanks! and your photographs are very nice also!