Day two filled with speeches

The second day in Säffle was filled with speeches. First up was Annika Dahlkvist who is one of the leading names in the LCHF movement in Sweden. A good speech about her way into low carb and a healthy life.


Then it was time for me. I think it went pretty well. I tend to speak a little to fast but I got good feedback altogether.

Following me was Mats Lindgren who got rid of a lot of deceases by starting eating LCHF. Juste before lunch Jonas Bergqvist was on the stage. He is the main teacher in the training I am taking right now and his speech was about LCHF and workout/training. Really interesting.


After lunch a guy named Mattias Ribbing talked about his way to a lot of records in “memory”. He can memorize/remember 10 decks of cards in a row of 162 numbers in a row just to take a couple of examples. He is eating LCHF to be able to keep his concentration. Who say the brain needs carbs?


After Mattias “Göran the professor” had a full speech about cholesterol and it was really technical and interesting.


For dinner I started at the hotell room with some chicken and bear sausage. When I arrived at the camping for barbecue the rain wsa pouring and I med some people who was heading to the restaurant instead. So I joined them and had some salmon…


When I got back to the hotel quite late I had the pork I was supposed to barbecue… So now I am really full…

The intakes toda was quite high due to the “extra” dinner.

Skärmavbild 2013-06-30 kl. 00.21.45




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