Lunch again…

Today I had lunch again. Its not normal for me to have lunch three days in a row. The buffet had two kind of “not so low carb” alternatives. A ytaditional Swedish yellow pea soup with pancakes or fish dipped in flour. The good thing was that the fish was not that covered in that much flour so I had that without trying to “peel” it off. The carbs went up a bit…

For dinner I had two “lamb burgers” with spinach and mayo with garlic. I used a “lemony” mayo and it was not that grab with the lamb. Better to use it with fish or shrimps I guess.

The nutritions of the day was:


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2 Responses to Lunch again…

  1. Thanks Justin. I’m a big fan of that verse too. On Job’s side of history, his request seemed impossible. It’s comforting to be on the other side and to know that we have what he wished for.

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