Preparing for the camping

Next weekend it’s time for the annual LCHF-camping in Säffle. In the evenings we gather around the barbecues and prepare the food we have brought with us. Last years I was “smart” and brought already cooked chicken and just used the barbecues for “heating” my food. This year I will do the same but I will bring pork instead of chicken. Tomorrow I will slow cook some pork in the Croc Pot and then slice them and freeze the slices for the camping. I might cook some chicken too just in case…

Today I was away gaming again ant I managed to hold the Coke Zero consumption to zero(!). It was quote easy since the store was out of them… So I had to cope with coffee and water.

13 0622-mctrl -20130622-00009IMG_2754

When I got home I had asparagus, garlic butter and pork chops (and a couple of beer sausages).

13 0622-TommyTappar -20130622-00013IMG_2758

The intakes today was good on the fat. Over 81E%

Skärmavbild 2013-06-22 kl. 22.11.45


Tomorrow I have nothing planned so I will start preparing the presentation for next weekend and start to do som serious studying for the exam in a couple of weeks…



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