Two days with lots of food

Ok, so two days of management meetings led to quite a lot of food. The first day the lunch was steamed fish in sauce (thickened with flour?), some bacon and a little butter.

For dinner we had Toast Skagen (what did I say, the most common starter in Sweden…).

The main was duck, salsify (?) and potatoes. The potatoes was off course left on the plate but its quite rare to get salsify so I had to try them…

The second day I had breakfast (I was a bit hungry due to lack of fat the first day I guess…).

For lunch I had fish again.

After two long days away I went shopping and got some sausages. I had those with some spinach and cheese (no bacon this time).

The nutritions for the two days was:



As you can see it was a lot of carbs compared to the last couple of weeks. Today it was also quite a lot of food. Over 3000 calories. Not that often I eat that much. But on the other hand it was just over 1100 the first day.





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