Chicken omelette

The next couple of days I will be on a business trip on an island in the second largest lake in Sweden. I have not been to this Island in 25-30 years so it’s gonna be quite interesting. I am really hoping for good weather and if not to bad forecasts I will bring my camera and try to get up really early on wednesday to get some nice dawn pictures over the lake.

The carbs is not often a problem on business trips. The problem is to get the fat I need to avoid going around hungry. To be on the safe side I will bring some cheese with me.

On my way home today I ws thinking about making an omelette for dinner. In the fridge I found a pack of kabanoss and some filet of chicken.

I sliced the kabanoss (150g) and chopped the chicken (250g) and fried all of it in butter. I seasoned with taco spices and after simmering a bit in the butter I added a mix of two eggs and grated cheese (50g).

When the omelette was almost done I flipped it onto a plate. It tasted much better than it looks…

Nutritions for today was:


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One Response to Chicken omelette

  1. That looks really good! I make lots of omlettes because we have chickens. So lots of egg dishes and I made two kinds of pickled eggs the other day…those are good to snack on. I also ordered a kefir starter…the fermented foods are sounding really good for improved digestion.