I need fat

Today I realized I really need fat. We where going on a trip to our office in Växjö (300km) south of my main location and we arrived right in time for lunch. We ended up t a thai buffet and it was really nice. Fresh woks and a lot of meat in the pots. Off course I avoided nudles and rice but there are a lot of carbs in the sauces etc. The only fat I could see was a light margarine so I had to stay with a lot of proteins… Almost two similar plates like this was eaten…

13 0528-TommyTappar -20130528-00001IMG_2562

Our meetings took a lot longer than expected so we did not arrive at home until 11PM. Due to the lack of good energy (fat) for lunch I was really hungry so I made a 3-egg scrambled eggs with 50g of butter. I seasoned the eggs with some pepper mix and a hint of chili. Finally some nice energy…

13 0528-TommyTappar -20130528-00006IMG_2567

The intakes today was low on fat and energy byt quite high on carbs.

Skärmavbild 2013-05-28 kl. 23.36.13






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2 Responses to I need fat

  1. Three eggs at a sitting is not bad?Next time you should try some pork scratchings (whole and sliced pork grind).

    • Tommy says:

      Yea, pulled pork is a true favorite. I might try it this weekend again in a recipe for the magazine…