Zero carbs and a question about Skagen

This week I have been really close to zero carbs. I average 0,29g of carbs per day and it all come from butter. It has not been very hard at all to keep this low and I feel fine. The weight seems not to be affected on the low carbs, but then again, I have eaten quite large portions during the week.

Today I got a mail from a reader who asked me what this “skagen” is. For a Swede is’s no problem understanding exactly what I mean. I just did not realize this is not the case for the rest of the world.

Toast Skagen is one of the most common starters in Sweden and the name comes from the main ingredient, shrimps. Skagen is a region in northern Denmark famous for its seafood and especially the shrimps and shellfish. The dish is “invented” by the Swedish “grand master chef”, Tore Wretman.

It is a mix of mayo, dill and shrimps. Some fine chopped onions and put on a pice of white bread fried in butter. It is topped with roe (Swedish caviar?) and served as a starter or nowadays as filling in subs, in wraps or just as it is if you go low carb…

Today I made a low carb version without the onion. Just mayo, dill and shrimps (and salt & pepper).

I had the “Skagen” as a side to my butter fried salmon.

During the evening I also had some sausages and the nutritions for today was:



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5 Responses to Zero carbs and a question about Skagen

  1. Hi Tommy,
    Are those canned shrimps, fresh or frozen? As usual, looks yummy!

    • Tommy says:

      This time it was frozen. I like them better than canned. Best is off course
      fresh… 🙂


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  3. kari eckert says:

    Hi, love all your advice here,Thank You! Being Norwegian I can help with Skagen.
    Best place to buy frozen Greenland (belongs to Denmark) tiny shrimp is “LIDDEL” in Europe, 6 euros. (500Gr.) I mix with Mayo and have my dinner ready in 1 minute. Good to keep half in freezer. If can not be found, chop normal ones!