Rib eye number two with garlic butter

It’s hard to get the cleaning running when you got su much fun things to do. I did manage to get a lot of things bagged and ready for the dumpster but not really as much as I wanted to.

During the afternoon I made some garlic butter…

…which I rolled up into a roll to be cut into “pucks” tomorrow after a day in the fridge.

The dinner today was the second rib eye from yesterday wit the newly made garlic butter.

This is what it looked like before hitting the frying pan…

…and this is what it looked like after eating some of it.

Together with some sausages the nutrition’s added up to:


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3 Responses to Rib eye number two with garlic butter

  1. Hey Tommy,
    Do you season the steak before you put it in the pan or after? And with what? I think I see cracked pepper, right? And once again, how do you make the butter? Please!

    • Tommy says:

      I always season the steak before I put it in the pan. It’s salt and crushed black and white pepper and some crushed allspice (I think thats the English word for “Kryddpeppar”.

      The butter is really quite simple.
      500g of room tempered butter. 3 cloves of garlic. Some salt and white pepper and chopped parsley. This time I also added some lemon juice. Everything “mushed” together with a fork.

      Then I just form the butter into a roll in waxed paper.

      I have a lot of recipes on my Swedish blog and as soon as the workload at work slows down I will translate them.