Late and short post

I have been stressing the painting for the gaming convention so this post is quite late. Not that many hours of sleep the last week. Lot’s to do at work and this…

Here are two pictures of a very small part of what I (we) have been doing…

13 0507-mctrl -20130507-00043IMG_2314

The heroes are on their way too…

13 0507-mctrl -20130507-00077IMG_2349

How dangerous could it be? They have been dead for thousands of years… What is that red stuff on the floor? Jam?

Ok, some insight in my other “hobby”…

Back to the standard food. Pork chops, spinach and butter… 🙂

13 0507-TommyTappar -20130507-00003IMG_2274

And then some parma ham to get the intakes at

Skärmavbild 2013-05-08 kl. 00.52.55


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2 Responses to Late and short post

  1. Julie says:

    Tommy Tommy Tommy…where have the posts gone? I’m missing those pics of your meals! 😀