American Beef and a busy weekend ahead

Finally weekend again. No plans to work. Well, not really true. I have to clean the apartment a bit. It’s getting hard to find placed so put down things so a couple of hours of moving stuff around and maybe even bring out the vacuum. I have so much new things to play with so I need to get the boring cleaning stuff away before I can start with:

  • Playing with the new Mac
  • Basing and painting a lot of new miniatures
  • I have to cast a lot of things to the new terrain for LinCon 2013
  • I need to do my presentation for my lecture at the LCHF-camping in Säffle
  • I also have to try to get some structure amongst my photos from the cruise

So, it’s gonna be a busy weekend…

Earlier this week I saw a packet of meet in the store wit a lot of american flags on it. One of the Swedish meet distributers have started some kind of American BBQ “line” of products. I got a pack of 2 rib eyes at 350g each. Tonight I had one of the with some butter. Really nice and tender meet. Not the last time I buy this…

Once again I “overate” cheese. So the nutritions for the day was:


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