A new Tommy?

Some time ago I was “offered” help with some shopping for clothes. I do not really understand why I accepted. Clothes has never been much of an interest for me. So today was the day… We went to a nice store normally not open on sundays but since it’s “salary payout weekend” (or whatever it could be called in English) they where actually open. But I was almost alone in the store for an hour or so. We tried a lot of different things and I got out with a jacket, a couple of shirts, a couple of “chinos” and two sweaters. I tried to take a picture once I got home but the quality was not that good… I promised my “coach” to actually use this “outfit” to work tomorrow. I think its the first time I have a jacket to work in Sweden. When on business trips in France I have been seen in one, but not in Sweden… It’s gonna be interesting to see what my co-workers say… 🙂

13 0428-TommyTappar -20130428-00012IMG_2196

I do not feel that comfortable in a jacket, but I really think I can start to like it…

It was actually a lot of fun trying out all those clothes so I might go to the same store for the fall “collection”.

Before the shopping we had a nice lunch of salmon, avocado, mayo and asparagus.

13 0428-TommyTappar -20130428-00001IMG_2184

For dinner when I got home from the shopping (and a couple of hours of work) I had two nice entrecôtes with butter.

13 0428-TommyTappar -20130428-00002IMG_2185

The intakes today went quite high… A lot of calories…

Skärmavbild 2013-04-28 kl. 21.16.32





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3 Responses to A new Tommy?

  1. Crystal in Texas says:

    Looking good Tommy!

  2. Pirjo says:

    Looks good! Nice colours.

  3. Tommy says:


    I like red (it is more red than pink).