New Macbook and give away books

Today I got my book package with the mail. Since the great book “Matrevolutionen” (The Food revolution) by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt was released in paperback I have given away 2 copies and I “forgot” one on the train. This picture also shows the new Macbook Air and a book by one of the docs at the Low Carb Cruise. Dr John Briffa. His lecture was really good so I am looking forward reading the book.

I am having trouble updating posts on the Swedish Site so maybe it’s English only today.

For dinner I had pork with butter. Staring to feel like I am writing the same thing over and over again. Even thou the dishes seems a bit similar, the butter is different and I season the different pork details differently. So int’s not that boring as it might look like.

The nutritions for today was:


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