Kent on Youtube

This morning I got a message saying Kent put up a Youtube clip of one of my recipes. His movies are always great. The link to his “channel” is in my links and the link directly to “my” recipe is here:

On my way home from work today I bought a new apple… It’s the new Mac Book Air (11″, 4GB, 128GB) with an external portable HD. This will be used as a travel blogging machine and photo backup unit. During the cruise in May I did feel that the iPad/iPhone did not really work when it came to putting pictures on the blog. So I “needed” to get a small computer and the MBA is so cool so I could’t resist it now when the “new” line was introduced.

For dinner I had a lot of chicken and sausages together with mayo and some cheese. Once again pretty much food.

Nutritions of the day was:



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