The long weekend has started

Tomorrow I am going to the LCHF-cruise from Stockholm to Mariehamn and back. It’s a 24 hour cruise with over 300 participants in “our” group. Friday evening is dinner and socializing and then during the saturday its a lot of nice lectures. The food will be a buffet for dinner on Friday and on saturday breakfast is included but the lunch is not. Suits me fine… I have eated quite strick the last weeks so tomorrow I will probably overeat on cheese…

The dinner tonight was only some chicken (450g) and 100g of seasoned butter. Pretty much the same as a couple of times the last weeks.

13 0411-TommyTappar -20130411-00003IMG_2076

The chicken was seasoned with some chili flakes and then I had the filets simmer a sort time in a little Bourbon.

The intakes was not that “high” today

Skärmavbild 2013-04-11 kl. 22.09.48


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