Oh, what a day…

The plan today was to go to Stockholm for an interview with a researcher from a university. When I started to get ready I couldn’t find my wallet with my credit cards, drivers license etc. The puls got up a bit but I figured; “shit happens” and went to the train station. On the whole ride to Stockholm I went through the full day yesterday. When did I my cards? Where did I use the cards… Over and over again.

In Stockholm I had a cup of espresso and was tempted with a small pice of chocolate but I left it on the plate.

13 0407-TommyTappar -20130407-00001IMG_2051

After a really nice day in Stockholm (with both snow and sun) I was back on the train and started thinking about what card to “lock” and how to get new ones…

When I got home I started with dinner before I went through the apartment and car looking for the wallet. I figured food was more interesting than the cards… 🙂

After dinner I decided to go to the store where I last used one of the cards to ask them if they have seen my wallet… I was standing in the door wit jacket and shoes on and got a “hunch”. I started looking in the bag where I have my electric drill (the one we used yesterday). Don’t ask me why I put the wallet there, but for some reason I did… Phew… A really strange place to store the wallet… 🙂

The dinner I cooked was a lot of pork chops with butter. 500g of meat to 75g of butter.

13 0407-TommyTappar -20130407-00004IMG_2054

No breakfast nor lunch led to quite low intakes.

Skärmavbild 2013-04-07 kl. 19.41.34

During the week I have kept a quite strict “diet” regarding carbs so the waiht has gone down some from last week. 2,5kg. Frpm 86,5kl last sunday to 84,0 this sunday… So now I am “back” at -90(and some)…


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