Strange eating today

Today has been a really strange day when it comes to eating (and drinking…).

I started as usual the day with only coffee. Around lunch I went shopping for some things and the last stop was the grocery store. I realized I was a bit hungry so I bought a small lunch (salmon and eggs) and a 6-pack of coke zero some “swedish beef jerky” (dried moose, deer and rain deer…) and some parma hamn.

When I got home I made a 3-egg scrambeled eggs (with 25g of butter an the three eggs and some chives).

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(I really love my new plate. I will buy more in the same series in different colors)

So far so good. I sat down in the sofa after lunch and had a small bag of the jerky (40g) and a coke. Before I managed to stop there was another empty bag of jerky and two more empty cans of coke… Not really sure how that happened… 🙂

I had plans for dinner but after yet three (!) cans of coke and two packages of the parma ham I did not really feel for anything more to eat…

So today I had 6 cans of coke, lots of dried ham/meat and then the eggs and salmon. A bit strange and the intakes was really protein heavy.

Skärmavbild 2013-03-29 kl. 20.59.23




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