Published again

Today I got the latest edition of the Swedish magazine LCHF-magasinet.


I have a short article about eating LCHF with variation and three recipes. I have already got some positive feedback on the article and recipes… 🙂

Today I planned to go ant do some target practice at the gun range but my mind was a bit “clouded” by things happening at work so I did not really feel like going so I went straight home instead… I do need the practice so I hope my mind “clears” over the easter…

For dinner I had chicken and garlic butter. Quick, fat and easy…

13 0327-TommyTappar -20130327-00002IMG_1989

The intakes was:

Skärmavbild 2013-03-27 kl. 20.57.09





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3 Responses to Published again

  1. Daryl Broussard says:

    Share the recipes with us?

  2. Tommy says:

    Yes, I will post them here. Maybe not this week, but I promise you will get them…


  3. Daryl Broussard says:

    Great, it’s appreciated!