Training and dinner with friends

Today I was out of town again and. Training and this often means lunch.

We had “ordered in” and the snack to the coffee was orderd as LCHF to me.


I ate the cheese and ham but left the veggies.

For lunch there was a Caesar Salad with some extra butter.


For the afternoon snack there was also a LCHF alternative… Or maybe not. A small box of fruit. A little to sweet for me.


For dinner I visited some friends and there I got a three course dinner.

Roe and asparagus for starter


Pork chops with veggies for main


And cheese for dessert


I had some of the pair so the carbs went a little high.

The intakes was

Skärmavbild 2013-03-20 kl. 23.23.01


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2 Responses to Training and dinner with friends

  1. Cheneen says:

    Your friends sure made an amazing 3 course dinner. Looked very yummy. Just shows you how easy it is to eat LCHF.

    Thanks Tommy once again for sharing your day to day eating.

    • Tommy says:

      Thanks. Yes it is easy with LCHF. The hard part can sometimes be the F(at)… 🙂