Last full day in Rome

Today we went for a long guided tour of the Colluseum and ancient Rome. Before the tour started we had breakfast and we found a great place where we had what they called American Breakfast. With the toast and orange juice removed and some extra cheese it was a good LCHF breakfast.


After breakfast the tour started by trying to get the tour group inside the Colosseum. There was the Rome Marathon today to almost every street was closed in the centre of Rome. Finally we got inside and it was a really great tour. We got to see both the basement of the colosseum as well as the higher stands not normally open to the public.

After the 3,5 hour tour we had some antipasti for lunch.


And then for dinner a seafood salad for starter


Grilled lamb chops and tomato and mozarella salad.

20130317-0029--3 20130317-0029--6

I also got some beef from my mother who could not eat all that she got…

The intakes today was

Skärmavbild 2013-03-17 kl. 20.37.58



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