Epic fail leads to nice dinner

Today I was going to cook all my recipes for the newt edition of the magazine I am writing for. On my way to the store I got into a discussion with a Jehovah’s Witness who tried to “sell me” their believes… The last couple of months I have read quite a lot of Atheistic literature so I was really ready for a fight when she approached me with her “Watchtower”. It was a really interesting discussion that took over an hour. I try not to be “political” or express anything related do my beliefs on the blog but I must say I am a bit scared for people who so truly believes in a book… All aspects of our discussion ended up in “well it’s true since it is written in the bible”. The only time I got her a little “unsure” was when we discussed the genus perspective on leadership in their “church”…

Oh, well… I got home a lot later than planned so I started cooking right away. One of my dishes looked really nice on paper. Pretty soon I realiset it was not going to work so I tweaked the recipe to a nice omelette (don’t ask what it was supposed to be…).

Today I had the omelette and for the coming days I will “have to eat” the other two dishes.

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The intakes today was a little high but thats off course due to the cooking…

Skärmavbild 2013-03-03 kl. 20.40.44



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