Very little food today

Today once again I was in Stockholm for training. We quit at lunch so instead of eating I got in the car and drove home. I had plans on stopping at Ikea to get a new table for the printer but I skipped the stop. I will have to go tomorrow or on sunday instead.

For dinner I fried two pork chops and made Tandoori butter.

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This and some Brazilian nuts was actually all I ate today and I am not hungry now. I will probably be hungry in the morning.

Skärmavbild 2013-02-22 kl. 21.52.09




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2 Responses to Very little food today

  1. Dietiscoming says:

    Hey Tommy!
    I just found your website and first off – wow, amazing weightloss congratulations with the great results.

    This last week i have been researching this subject as if i’m writing a thesis on it and today i went to the supermarket and bought for the first time in YEARS – butter & cream.
    I almost feel it staring at me from the fridge, i can’t tell you how frightening it is to actually have to eat FAT. I’ve been on diets since 6th grade when some idiot school nurse said i was too fat – looking back i was normal healthy child, i just wasn’t a skinny ballerina, but my entire life has been marked by it. I was sent to different diet camps for kids, i wasn’t allowed sweets and other “bad” things like other children so i wanted everything more and began to eat when no one could see. In my adult life i have tried most things, VLC (800 cal pr day!), WW, counting calories, and also cutting out carbs – but not really adding fat.
    I AM SCARED to death of trying the LCHF and almost think my heart will clog by the fat. Any ideas how to make the mental transition, because even with all the knowledge that seems to make sense to me, after so many years of different views and failed attempts to lose weight (even with 5xweek exersize and healthy eating), i think this is my absolute last diet try. I’m almost 100 kg and would like to shed about 30 kilos.

    • Tommy says:


      The fear of fat is one of the major “problems” getting into LCHF. I would suggest reading Gary Taubes – Why we get fat. Thats a pretty good book.

      You can also look at the presentation Andreas Eenfeldt did at the AHS. Go to and go to the videos. There is a lot of other good stuff on that page in english.

      Regarding fat clogging your heart. There is no evidence that this is true. I have tested my cholesterol for three years on LCHF and all numbers are really nice!