Late post and small amount of food

Today my plans was a bit disturbed (but in a nice way). I was going to go away to play some games and before that I was to eat a little lunch to have energy for all the gaming. A visit from a good friend made me “miss” lunch and since I am not hungry I really didn’t realize this until I had to leave for the gaming…

So during our gaming the “host” offered some hot dogs so I ate two.

13 0209-TommyTappar -20130209-00004IMG_1661

When I got hone (half an hour ago) I was a bit hungry so I ate 100g of cheese.

13 0209-TommyTappar -20130209-00008IMG_1665

This was everything I ate today so I guess I will be e little hungry in the morning.

Nutritions for today was only:

Skärmavbild 2013-02-10 kl. 00.02.55



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