Weight is going down again

The ketones are high and the weight is going down a bit again.

(Blodsocker=Blood sugar and Ketoner=Ketones)

Skärmavbild 2013-01-06 kl. 21.48.05


The last 3 weeks weight.


Skärmavbild 2013-01-06 kl. 21.32.17

Today I have got a lot more liquids so hopefully I will not have the cramps this night.

For breakfast I had an dxx with some mayo and for dinner I made a new butter with dijon and esdragon. A couple of pork chops and spinach was also on the plate.

13 0106-TommyTappar -20130106-00002IMG_1517

I had some parmesan cheese and a coce zero in the evening during MiB 3…

The intake was in total:

Skärmavbild 2013-01-06 kl. 21.04.20


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6 Responses to Weight is going down again

  1. Hi Tommy. I get the keto cramps too. Same as you lots of water is all that works for me.

    • Tommy says:

      Yea, I will try drinking a large glass of water just before bed time every night. I tend to forget so I have put a reminder in the iphone 🙂


  2. Natasha says:

    Hi Tommy,
    How do figure the carbs are only 1 g for this meal? It seems that the spinach alone would be more than that, plus some from the butter with dijon and estragon in it? I love your meal ideas, they are very, very much to my taste, and i often look into your blog for inspiration, although it looks like you don’t have a separate place for recipes, it would be nice if you collected them all in one place. And I thank you very much for the blog and the help it provides to me.

    • Tommy says:

      Thank yo for your kind words!

      Not sure if it is the rounding… It is very little carbs in the esdragon. For a full 250g of butter I have only 2 tespones of dried estdragon so for the 50ish grams there is not that much.

      My tool says there is inly 0,4g of carbs per 100g in Spinach. I use a bag of fresh spinach with 70g. So not much carbs there neither.

      I am working on translating a lot of my recipes but I still have a little to much to do at work so it is not at the top of the list… 🙁


  3. Natasha says:

    I use FitDay.com to enter all my food, and it shows that 70 gr of raw spinach has 2.5 grams of carbs. I am not trying to pick on you, Tommy, sorry))) but you know how sometimes a few extra grams can make it or break it. I have the misfortune to be one of those people who lose very, very slowly and with great difficulties, so I have to be very precise in all the measurments.
    As for your recipes, I don’t mean to have them translated (I can understand written Swedish somewhat), but rather just have them all in one place would be really great. For now, I print out those parts of your blog where you have the food photos and descriptions, and use that as a guiding tool. Super tasty and fatty enough, thank you again so much for making it easier for me and others!!!

    • Tommy says:

      Ooh, I do not feel picked upon… Keep commenting. I want my data to be as “correct” as possible.

      There are a lot of different nutrition facts floating around and the tool I use takes most of the data from (for some reason) the Finnish governmental database. I will look around for other data. Even with a 2,5, the 70g bag is not that much. Only one gram more for the day I guess. Even thou a couple of grams can be “important” I really think that everything below 2-3 grams a day is less important than the “increase” of the energy % from fat.