Duck and butter

Today I got stuck in the X-box game I bought yesterday. I did not do anything but paying all day. Well I ended the day with a movie that was better than expected. It was the move about Nazis living on the dark side of the moon… Iron Sky. Smart and funny and not as goofy as I expected.

I had a small breakfast today. Some sausage and garlic butter.

12 1228-TommyTappar -20121228-00001IMG_1466

For dinner I had duck with butter. Extremely fat and nice…

12 1228-TommyTappar -20121228-00002IMG_1467

I also baked some bread and had a lot of butter on it…

12 1228-TommyTappar -20121228-00004IMG_1469

The nutritions was:

Skärmavbild 2012-12-28 kl. 21.44.43


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2 Responses to Duck and butter

  1. Sasha says:

    Your bread looks yummy … what do you use instead of regular flour?