Back home again

After a three days away from home I am back again. The days I spent at my parents house I was stuffed with food so when I got home today I took a 2,5 hour walk and after that I only ate ham and a little butter. Nothing worth taking a picture of…

I got the latest Batman movie from my brother and I must say it was really good. Even thou I liked Tim Burton’s version I must say that Nolan’s is a lot better. To the movie I drank a big mug of Glögg…

For breakfast at my parents I had a low carb toast with a lot of butter and some other christmas “leftovers”.

12 1225-TommyTappar -20121225-00001IMG_1457

For lunch we got the traditional sausage and this year it was served with parmesanized brussels sprouts…

12 1225-TommyTappar -20121225-00003IMG_1459

The nutritions is running quite high on proteins and I will try to get this “fixed” the next couple of days.

Skärmavbild 2012-12-25 kl. 21.16.38



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