Long weekend ahead

After a short week at the office we have another long weekend. 3 full days of gaming and celebrating the new year…

For dinner tonight I had chicken and butter… As usual…

The intake was


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One Response to Long weekend ahead

  1. Peter Davies says:

    Dear Tommy

    I love reading your food blog, also I like to hear about your day to day activities such as work-related things and your hobbies. You are so meticulous and precise with your logging. I really appreciate the beautiful pictures. I am not so good with following recipes but find your meals to be inspiring. I even made my own hollandaise and mayonnaise after seeing you do it some time ago.

    I am eating mostly lower carb but try to limit my food eating window so I try to combine LCHF with IF. Your food always looks so delicious. Love your work!

    Wishing you a healthy and happy 2018!

    Peter (Brisbane, Australia)