Getting serious about the marathon

Now it is roughly 10 months left until I am supposed to participate in the New York Marathon so I need to step up the training a bit and get more disciplined in my efforts. It is a good thing I have a colleague who is both a PT and a running coach. The schedule we are setting for the running right now is:

  • Monday, rest or short run 3-4KM
  • Tuesday, 5-8KM intervalls and “fartlek”
  • Wednesday, Gym training core/legs
  • Thursday, 10KM
  • Friday, rest or short run 3-4KM
  • Saturday, rest
  • Sunday, long run increases every week. 10+10% every week

My firs goal is for me to be “comfortable” with 21KM for Easter and participate in a half marathon early May.

Today I had a 10K run. Slow but complete run.

For dinner I had a lot of pre grilled chicken. Served with mayo…

The intake was


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