Back to work

I am working these days between Christmas and New Years. In my department we are almost all in the office but a lot of people are free this week. Pretty nice to be able to work on you own stuff for a short week. Not much inbound emails…

For dinner today I had a lot of pork and a lot of butter and then some beer sausages.

The intake was


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3 Responses to Back to work

  1. Andreas H says:

    Hello Tommy,

    Thank you very much for your consistency and dedication to this site. I check it daily, and I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for what you do.

    I have lost over 70 pounds since I switched to this way of eating, and am feeling great.

    May I just ask if you could take a picture of a Beer Sausage. I am the son of a Sausage Maker and would like to see what I might find along the same path here in Montreal.

    All the best, and Happy New Year!