Café de Paris butter and birthday dinner

A couple of days ago I said I was running low on butter. This morning I took a long walk and got me all the ingredients for a nice Café de Paris butter.

You need a lot of stuff to make the perfect butter… Mixed together all the stuff looks like… well, this:

Everything ready to become nice little butter-tops (Hmm, weird “word”).

All done and ready for the freezer.

Its my birthday today so I went “all in” and prepared a three course dinner. For a starter I had a “Toast” Skagen.

The main was a lot of filet of beef, with Broccoli-Asparagus (someone have actually mixed these two together…) and butter.

For dessert, only a simple but really good peace of blue cheese.

Due to a lot of “tasting” of the butter the calories today was quite high. Not that I actually care but over 3000 is a lot for me.



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