Christmas presents and “glögg”

I have not really liked one of the most sacred Swedish “christmas beverages”. The Glögg… According to Google translate it could be called Mulled wine… It is 2wine seasoned with special spices. Since I don’t drink very much alcohol I have always tried the non-alcoholic version of glögg and this is more like a soft drink heated a bit.

I got a tips that there is a variant of glögg with no added sugar. It contains only the “sugar” in the wine and some sweeteners. I bought a bottle and I must say it was really nice after a day of walking around in the snow.

The bottle looks like this


When I had heaten the glögg up I drank it from this little mug. Maybe not the most christmasy thing but anyway…

12 1222-TommyTappar -20121222-00005IMG_1436

I do not have to buy that many presents for christmas but the ones I did buy had to be wrapped… This is not one of by best skills…

For breakfast I was a bit hungry so I ate some ham and for dinner I made a nice coleslaw with a lot of mayo, shrimps and cabbage.

12 1222-TommyTappar -20121222-00002IMG_1433


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