Watching TV

All my spare time has gone into Game of Thornes lately… I have not seen it before and now I am a couple of episodes into season 6. It is a really good series. Maybe not really as good as “everyone” says. But it is good.

In all the excitement happening in Westeros I forgot to take any pictures of my dinner. It was a pretty standard dinner. Chicken, mayo and some cheese. This might me the last cheese I have for some time. I have decided to try to go almost dairy free for a couple of months. When I say allmost, I will probably have butter. But no cheese nor cream etc.

The intakes today was


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2 Responses to Watching TV

  1. Susan Rice says:

    I can’t wait to hear how you do on no carb. I am really thinking about it but hard giving up cheese and cream. I am hoping no dairy will break my fat loss stall…help lower my blood pressure…and or help my arthritis pain lower. Any of those benefits would be worth a shot at no dairy.

  2. Susan Rice says:

    Oops…I was meaning…I can’t wait to hear how you do on no DAIRY.