Yay, holiday!

The lunch was at 14:30 (said I was going to leave work at lunch…). Not really lunch for me but I left anyway…

I have just found out a negative thing about starting my own business… I ended up in a totally new list for the call-centres. Today a guy called and wanted me to buy cleaning products directly from his factory to keep the costs down. I explained to him that my company have quite little use of 10*50 liter of soap…

Since it is christmas I bought some traditional Swedish christmas ham (salted and cooked) and instead of eating it cold on a sandwich I fried it really short time in butter and served with a mustard-mayo and brussels spouts.

12 1221-TommyTappar -20121221-00005IMG_1431

The nutritions was:

Skärmavbild 2012-12-21 kl. 20.50.27


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