Long walk and a lot of food

Today I spent the whole day walking all around Palma. I started the day with a cup of coffee and a bus ride to the Palma Aquarium.

I must say it was pretty boring. I had higher expectation but I walked through it in under one hour.

When I got back I started walking around looking for nice things to see. The town is really nice and you can walk to most of the “sights”. I spent some time in and around the large Cathedral.

I also walked some along the beach and sat town for a nice cup of coffee.

I had a T-Shirt but my neighbour had more clothing. Weird man… It was really warm today…

I ended up at Hard Rock Cafe. This was my second or third time ever eating there and it might be the last. Overpriced “naked” burger with a boring salad as side…

After a lot of more walking and a couple of hours wandering had more food. Tapas… Shrimps… And two other dishes. The last was octopus on potato…

I found a really nice store will all kind of ham and Spanish food.

When I got home to the hotel I stopped “runkeeper” at over 20km.

The intake was

Tomorrow I am flying home to a Stockholm with snow and ice… Good thing I have my winter tyres on the car.




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