Broccoli again…

I think I am suck in a broccoli loop… I have had broccoli a lot since the trip to the US. I have come to really like it fresh and only “woke” in butter or steamed in the micro. It looks great on the plate and is quite low carb.

Today was a normal day. No breakfast and only coffee for lunch.

For dinner I had pork loin with a really heavy mushrooms sauce. I diced the mushrooms and some onions and fried them in butter for a while. I added some bourbon and finally double cream. I let the sauce reduce for a couple of minutes on quite big temp and then I ate it with the pork and broccoli.

I must say I am a pork guy. Sure beef is nice but I really like the flavour of the pork. It tastes “more” than beef in some way. Can’t really explain it…

The things on the plate and some cheese and parma ham ended up at:



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