Working in the store

Today I spent the morning at our new store in Stockholm. When we arrived at the store at 7:15 AM there was a quite long line of customers already. Nice to see… The first couple of hours from 8:AM we really had a lot of customers getting shoes and clothes at good prizes!

We had a free lunch for working in the store so I had a Halloumi salad with a little butter.

For dinner when I got home I fried 4 pork chops. I served with a lot of butter seasoned with a little curry powder.

The intake was


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One Response to Working in the store

  1. Alberto says:

    Hi Tommy,

    every day I read your posts and see your intake charts. I see that most of fhe time you’re under a calories deficit. Can I ask U how is your weight evolution? Are you loosing weight or you’re just stable…

    Thanks in advance….