Late report from a Winner!

I do not tend to participate in “competitions” on the internet but this once I did send in a review of a stevia based sweetener to will a bakery book… And I won it! Yay me!

The reason for the late report today (from yesterday) is yet another christmas party… The second this week and in a couple of hours there will be a third…

The party yesterday started with a nice time outside in the garden next to a small “bon fire” (not sure if thats the correct word for it but I’ll use it anyway…). Almost the full really high carb intake for the day stared here with some warm “Glögg”. Its a kind of soft drink traditionally drunken during the christmas season in Sweden. I did take the non alcoholic one (I was driving) and these tend to have a lot of sugar in them… So almost 20g of carbs there…

The dinner was off course a traditional christmas “smorgasbord”. The hostess had made a lot of really nice things so when I got home quite late I was really stuffed.

First three almost identical plates of:

Then some LCHF-Ice cream that was really nice.

When the others got snacks, nuts and other carby things I got some cheese. Funny way of packaging the cheese. Two layers of plastic. I am no envo freak, but this got even me thinking…

First layer:

Second layer:

And finally I got to the good stuff!

The nutritions toda went quite hig on the carbs and this is as I said before the carbs.

So, now I will be leaving for yet another christmas smorgasbord. Not sure I can eat more… But once there I know I can… 🙂




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