Better food today

Today I got some more tanks done… The infantry are pretty tiny… 🙂

I had a better food day today. Inly one meal and no snacks. Chicken liver with butter.

The intake was


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2 Responses to Better food today

  1. Bert Carson says:

    I just found your site and I love it. I began Paleo 150 days ago and after a quick start my weight hung and nothing moved it. Then, 31 days ago, I began eating one meal per day. I have no plan to discontinue that practice because it moved me off my 172 (pound) plateau down to 164-165. I should note, it also triggered the detox from hell, but I recognized what was going on and stuck with the plan. Now I feel better than I’ve felt anytime in my 74 years.
    Thanks for all your doing (and saying).