First post on the English site

I have just installed WordPress on this domain and will start filling some pages with contents before “releasing” the  site.


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8 Responses to First post on the English site

  1. Tommy says:

    Testing comment…


  2. It’s going to be a pleasure to be able to follow you in English as well 😉

    Best regards,
    Miracle Noodle Scandinavia

    • kal says:

      hi, i am new to LCHF but everything i have read sounds really positive.
      I am female and have about 50kg to lose. Have been on every diet (all low fat or high carb) but have never come across this.
      I love your posts. And looking forward to reading more – any advise is great!

      • Tommy says:

        My most used advice is to really let it take time. Evn tho it works quite fast for some people it can take some time before the weight loss “kicks in”. So be patient and do not let a couple of slow weeks put you off.

        Good luck and do not hesitate to contact me directly or ask anything here!


  3. Mindy Jacobs says:

    Have had a weight problem and lack od appetite control my entire life. I really need to switch lanes iny brain to think high fat is healthy, but considering the lack of any long term success wwith anything else I’ll give it a try.

    • Tommy says:

      The good thing about LCHF is that I find it quite “easy” to control the “hunger”. If you eat as much fat as I do you will get full quite quickly and its hard to overeat.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more tips and trix or coaching if you do not want it “open”.


  4. letitia says:

    Tommy, thank you for starting this site, i have been hovering around LCHF trying to get the courage to start and you will be a big help as what put me off before now was that there was no daily forum.

    I have 2-3 stone to lose, i carry a lot of fat on my stomach, its always sticking out. I hope this way of eating will sort this. I get so down, eating loads of fruit and lowfat yogurt and getting nowhere.

    Thank you Tommy