Closing down

I am closing down this site since I am not really updating it at all…

I might return later but I will cancel the ISP but keep the url.


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I am really sorry for neglecting this place the last months. I will try to re-boot and start writing daily posts as usual during the coming weekend.

I will also try to catch up on all comments etc…

Once again, sorry for the lack of posts… 🙁


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I did it!

I think I finally managed to get the “new post” thingy to work… 🙂

So sorry for the lack of post. A lot of things have happened since the last post. Most important! I did it!

I finished my first marathon! Not a very good time and it was dark before I crossed the line, but I did it!

I did not get last in most of the categories. I was probably the last Swedish runner, but I was not the last man, nor the last of my age group. In total I was number 52550… 🙂

The race was actually harder than I thought. 42 KM is long… And it took me 8 hours. So being active 8 hours was a bit tough.

One of my plans for the race was to do it without adding much energy and trust my ketogenic diet. I did have 50g of cheese and 100g of salami sausage a couple of hours before the race. During the race I only had water. No food nor “energy drinks”. I did try some gatorade but I spat it out. Way to sweet for me…

The only lasting “damage” after the race was a bit muscle fatigue in my thighs so stairs was not the best for me. But now I am fine.

After I got home from New York I had a couple of days free and then I left for Palma Mallorca and the Low Carb Universe conferees in Port de Soller.

I will try to write about the conference tomorrow or Monday. Right now I am just pleased I got the posting working again…






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Vacation in USA and technical problems

I have had some trouble making posts a couple of days but some it seems like I am back on track.

Right now I am in New York for the Marathon on Sunday and today we took a roadtrip  to Washington DC. Our driver knew as little English as he knew speed limits… Even with his crazy driving the one way took 4,5 hours.

In Washington we manage to see everything you should see. We did not have time for more than 15 minutes in the Air & Space Museum. But we got to see all white buildings and memorials…

For food I had some cheese and eggs at a truck stop…

Salad and chicken at Union Station

And another truck stopp for dinner.

The intake was

And here follows som pictures form our high speed sightseeing…


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Last run tomorrow?

Today I had breakfast at the hotel. An egg, some cheese, ham, meatballs, sausage and veggies.

For lunch we got salad again. Nice one today with avocado and egg.

For dinner I was a bit tired to I got a kebab-salad from the local pizzeria.

Tomorrow I will try to get up and do my last run before the race on Sunday. I have been looking at last year’s results and in the bad shape I am in I am hoping to get under 7hour. This would have got me an overall position last year at under 50 000… 🙂

The intake was


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Conference in Stockholm

Monday and Tuesday this week we have a HR-Conference in our new office in Stockholm.

Today I had a salad for lunch

And a really nice deer for dinner.

I also had some beer sausages so the intake was


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The final two recipe

Today I got the last two recipes done so now I can go on vacation without having to think about food… 🙂

I made a nice burre blanc to cod and bacon.

And a Chicken a’la King. Chicken, mushrooms in cream.

The intake was


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Testing recipes

I will be away on vacation most of November and the deadline for the magazine is closing in so I started with the recipes today. I made a nice carbonara. It was really good on the second try… 🙂

The “pasta” is made of egg whites only. Just “fried” on low temp to a kind of pancake and the sliced to “spagetti”.


The intake was





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Creamy chicken liver

Today I made a nice stew of chicken liver, onion and cream.

The intake was


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No car

I will soon be without a car… I have a lease car from work but I have opted to try to do without a car now when the 3 year lease on this beauty is over end of November.

For dinner today I had a lot of pork with pre made sauce bearnaise.

The intake was



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