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  1. Julian says:


    I see in your before photo that you were in a pub with a nice pint. Did you knock this on the head completely? This is my nemesis. I love real ale.

    • Tommy says:

      To be honest the picture is not very “me”. I really do not like beer at all but “when in Rome”… So the pint on the table is one of the ones I had every two or three years… So letting go of the liquid bread was not a problem for me… 🙂


  2. Lu Ann says:

    I need some bread on the LCHF lifestyle. Not sure I’ll be able to continue without it. The Oopsies are doing it for me or my hubby. We are sammich eaters and he needs it for work 2-3 times a week. Suggestions anyone for a bread he can consume 2-3 times a week? I know bread’s a no-no, but that doesn’t help.

  3. james butner says:

    I see a lot of butter, Do you eat it straight or melt it on your food? How do you make your garlic butter?

    • Tommy says:

      I eat the butter seasoned most of the times. Normally “room tempered” and I let it melt on the meat or whatever I am having.

      My standard garlic butter is:
      100 g butter
      1-2 cloves of garlic
      1 tablesppon finely chopped parsley
      Salt and pepper depending on how salt the butter is


  4. James Butner says:

    what software do you use to track your macro/food intake?

    • Tommy says:

      I use an app for the iPhone called Lifesum for registering my intakes.


      • Katie says:

        Tommy – I’m new how does tracking help me if I don’t know how much of what I should be eating- is there a place I can find out how much I need to eat- I’m very active- training 15 hrs a week for a triathlon and at work walk 10-12 miles a day up and down hills

        • Crissy says:

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  5. Jaffy says:

    I am kindly requesting your help…

    I was recently diagnosed diabetic type 2.

    My Fasting Blood sugar between 120 to 129 always.

    One hour after food : 141 mg
    two hours after food : 110 – 135 mg

    Doctor has told not to take any medicine for sugar and control with diet and exercise.

    But my Uric acid and cholesterol is little high . Doctor has prescribed medicine for this.

    Can I start Low carb high fat diet…? Please help.

    Doctor has adviced not to take meat or fat products because of uric acid and cholesterol high.

    Please suggest…?

    • Tommy says:

      I am no doctor so I cannot recommend you what to do but to read as much as you can. Preferebly at

      With that said. I have follewed LCHF since 2009 and my cholesterol has never been better. So on the cholesterol part of your question I can say that eating high fat low carb will not harm your cholesterol. Probably mak it better with more “good” cholesterol and less “bad” cholesterol.

      Regarding the diabetes the only thing I can say is that it feels a bit strange to eat carbs (=sugar) and then medicate to get the blood sugar down. But if you are cutting down on carbs please keep a close look at your values…


  6. gavrilo says:

    Hi Tommy, did you consume any alcoholic beverages during your successful weight loss journey? Do you consume any now? How much?

    • Tommy says:

      Very little alcohol. I have never had much to drink. Maybe 2-5 glasses ow wine per year… 🙂 This has not changed at all…


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