I have had my Swedish site running since September 2011 and I have posted a lot of pictures there and I will use them her to inspire people and show you what good Low Carb food can look like.

This is salmon on a pesto like sauce with feta cheese on top. Nice looking and great tasting.



This is a Pizza based on egg and cheese. The topping is bacon, mushrooms and cheese.



This is pure meat hamburgers with Café de Paris butter. Really low on carbs and great taste.



This is grilled chicken with cheesy spinach.



More will come later…






9 Responses to Photography

  1. ana_ibarra says:


  2. Debra says:

    How to find your recipes thanks

  3. Mearced says:

    Don’t see any of your recipes and would love to have some of them. Look really great!

  4. Ruwan says:

    That in’hsitgs just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  5. Michelle Horn says:

    Hi where do you get the recipes? They look great.

    • Tommy says:

      I make my own food. I almost never follow recipes… 🙂

      These are my recipes from a Magazine. I will translate the recipes and post them later in the week.


  6. Martina says:

    Tommy, I’m really interested in trying this, but not sure how to find out more…how do I find your blog, recipes…are you on Facebook by chance?

  7. Sandra says:

    Just found your site! Love the pics and this way of eating, I don’t crave sweets and feel full longer when I eat more fat.

  8. Origine says:

    It’s arduous to find knowledgeable folks on this topic, but you sound like you recognize what you are speaking about! Thanks

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