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I started a Swedish site in September 2011 to prove to people that it is possible to eat good varied food even if you do eat low or no carbs. At work (and from other people around me) I sometimes heard:

-“It must be really boring eating only meat and fat”

-“Meat is so boring, you get no variation”

-“Fat is only butter and cream”

When you look around in the cantina at the place I work I cannot see much more variation in the carb filled boxes. Its Pasta with meatballs, pasta with hot-dogs etc. Not much variation there either…

So I started the site to prove them wrong about less variation on LCHF.

If you want you can really create as much variation as you can with pasta and other big carb food. You might have to be a little more creative and to give all low carbers in Sweden some nice inspiration with both text and pictures.

Now I am going international and I will try to get the same to all you who do not speak or read Swedish that good…

Regarding the variation I have run a couple of “special weeks”. During these weeks I have tried to vary one main ingredient as much as possible. One week I ate only salmon and one week only chicken and one week only pork chops. I really did 5 totally different plates from the same ingredients. Pretty soon I will try to do a couple of special weeks on beef, shrimps and maybe minced meat.

Regarding the numbers on the site I will use the metric system so it’s gonna be kilos (kg) and not pounds (lb). 1kg is 2,2 lb.



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  1. kevin says:

    This looks very interesting.. I will have to add butter.. I have done the low carb thing before but this time I will not watch the fats…I hear if the fats are too low it takes away from the effectiveness.. I read an old book “protein power” and the positive effects of Glucagon produced as a result of low carbs in the body >
    Glucagon raises low blood sugar.
    Glucagon puts the metabolism in burning mode.
    Glucagon converts protein and fat to glucose.
    Glucagon causes dietary fat to be used for energy.
    Glucagon releases fat from fat cells to be used for energy.
    Glucagon reduces cholesterol production.
    Glucagon causes the kidneys to release water from the body.
    Glucagon causes artery wall cells to return to normal.
    Glucagon stimulates the use of fat for energy.
    Keep sending the great pics.

  2. Excellent blog, Tommy! We’re featuring your keto meal plans on our site. I’ve tried a few, and they were spectacular! Thank you.

  3. DH says:

    Bookmarked!! I love the simplicity of the posts & that you update a lot. I will be using you for meal ideas. Meatzza’s are up first. 🙂

  4. sarah says:

    Hi Tommy,
    just discovered your wonderful site. I am gradually adapting my eating around lchf which I know without a doubt is the way to eat. I thank you for all the great information and inspiration that will inspire me on my journey. This is the only way I can eat and feel I am in control. No more 3pm blood sugar lows and eating a packet of biscuits to keep myself going till tea.. no more evening munchies. After years and years of yo yoing I am finally on the right path..for life. Not a diet but a way of life and eating that makes not just scientific sense but common sense as well xox


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  6. Mommamia says:

    Just found your site ! Great info .Thanks ! What is the graph you are using to input nutritional data ! Love it !

  7. Andree says:

    I’d like to follow your blog but couldn’t see a link

  8. Jo says:

    Very useful stuff, i am glad i came across your site. I have done low carb high fat before. Now being in my late 40’s i have found my weight creeping up again. I have a holiday at the beginning of October so want to lose some weight and see if this will help clear some of my psoriasis as sugar affects it really badly. I can see it being something i stick to long term.
    Its just hard with being a cake maker for birthday cakes etc aside from my day job. Lol but i have done it before.

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