Ok, so what is this LCHF then?

This is true LCHF:



The abbreviation stands for Low Carb High Fat and the very simple basics are to minimize the carbs in your food and try to exchange the energy to fat instead. The protein should (or could) stay roughly the same.

As in all Low Carb diets the key is to eat low carbs to try to get the blood sugar levels on a stable and low level. With low blood sugar less insulin is “produced” and less fat is stored in your body. The body uses the fat as fuel instead of carbs and if you are overweight you starts loosing body fat.

I will not go deeper into the scientific parts of this diet. I am a practical guy and I will focus on what to eat and how to prepare it. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt (the Diet Doctor) has a blog with a lot of detailed information about the theories behind the low carb diets and especially LCHF. Please visit his site for more information. You can find the link to the right side amongst the other good links to pages in English I try to visit as often as I can.

Benefits from Low Carb diets

If you are starting on a heavy overweight you will most probably loose a lot of weight if you follow a “strict” LCHF diet. Aside from weight loss a lot of people experience several other health benefits. Diabetes (some ends up with no medication at all!), allergies gets better, a lot of digestive problems gets better, mood swings gets better (no blood sugar issues) etc. I have not really experienced any other health benefits than weight loss and one reason is that I actually had no health issues before I started with LCHF…

Low or no carbs?

So how few carbs should you eat? Well it is really individual what level you need to go to to get the weight loss and other health benefits. I would say that the goal should be below 20g per day with an energy balance at 70% fat, 25% protein and less than 5% from carbs. This is for weight loss. For the health benefits you can probably be a little more “liberal” with the carbs but I would not recommend anyone to go above 50g a day.


When I am coaching people I always want them to start as low as possible. If you have the level set at 5g you can “afford” to get a little higher sometimes. Up to 10g or 15g. If you set your level at 20g a day it is a little to easy to get too high and even go above 50g a day. I also thinks that it is easier to control your shopping and eating when aiming really low. There are never any discussion on what to eat or if this and that are allowed. It’s kind of “cleaner” to go really low.

What to eat and what not to eat

I will try to make a really short list of “do eats” and “don’t eats”. The best way to get the idea is to follow my blog and see what I eat and not focus so much on what I do not eat…

Do eat

  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Fat Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Egg
  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Spinach
  • Salads
  • Tomatoes (not to much)
  • Cucumber
  • Mushrooms

Don’t eat

  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Fries
  • Sugar
  • Sweets
  • Grains (any kind really)
  • Low fat products in general
  • Cookies
  • Beer… 

After some time you will learn how to spot the carbs and it gets easier to avoid them…


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding what to eat and what not to eat. It’ really not that hard…


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  1. Anja says:

    Hi Tommy, I really could use some advice. I’ve been doing LCHF for 3 months now, I lost 6 kg during the first month, but then my weight got stuck It’s been exactly 77,8 kg for the last 2 months. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong or is it the infamous weight loss plateau, and if so how could I get off it 😀

    I eat very little carbs (less than 20 g per day) which mostly come from veggies or nuts, I’ve cut out all the bad grains, starch and sugar.

    A typical menu would be:

    breakfast – 2 eggs fried or made into an omelet, 3 strips of bacon, some mayo, coffee with whipped cream.

    Lunch: either a salad (lettuce, smoked salmon, egg, cheese, mayo) or bit of goat cheese with 6 slices of chochrizo/salami and a handful of walnuts or Brazilian nuts.

    Supper: meat fried in butter or coconut oil (fatty pork or chicken with skin) with salad (1 tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mayo or Turkish yogurt, handful of cheese cubes, olives) or homemade guacamole. sometimes I make a sauce out of cream, cheese and butter. or boil some asparagus and eat it with butter as a side dish for meat. or I eat fish instead of meat.

    this week I’ve added 2 teaspoons of organic coconut oil to my menu, my fat % has gone down a wee bit, but my weight is the same!

    That’s pretty much it, I don’t get hungry or feel like eating snacks anymore which is wonderful, because that was the biggest problem for me before the LCHF.

    My health is great and I feel like million bucks it’s just that I have 40% of body fat which is not so good. For my 173 cm the 77,8 kg is not so bad, but there’s definitely excess fat on my body because my normal weight would be around 65 kg. I gained 10 kg during last year because of stress and over indulging in carbs 🙁

    So can you please give me some advice, am I eating too much or too little? I’m pretty careful about eating more fat and as few carbs a possible so this plateau is really frustrating and I can’t wait to get my weight moving again :/

    I’ve decided that even if I don’t lose any more weight, I definitely will stick with LCHF because at least I’m not gaining any weight either and I feel so gooood.

    Oh, and I don’t exercise, just walk to work and back. I’m doing this on purpose to show people that you can lose weight without training like a maniac and also I’m really lazy 😀

    All help will be hugely appreciated 🙂

    Have a great spring and keep up the good work, I really love the site and you are such a positive role model 🙂


    • Tommy says:

      I know that some people gets the weight loss going again after cutting down on cheese, cream and other dairy product. Then if the loss starts up you can add dairy again.

      One possibility might also be that your body is actually happy with the weight you have right now. I have been quite stable since september 2011. I could lose a couple of kgs but if that happens it happen if not I am not stressed about it.


      • will says:

        Eat a healthy balanced diet that doesn’t omit food groups and be more active. Weight loss the healthy and natural way.

        • Amy says:

          Good grief, Will…. Do some research.

          • FornoGrande says:

            Or, at least, don’t come on an alternative WOE site and give the same old disproven dietary advice you could get from Readers Digest.

        • Lisa says:

          Then the natural way would be to eat meat, veggies, local fruits,cheese. Bread is bad no matter what anyone says. In 1902 Dr. Atwater PHD stated this and of course the USDA ignored and is still ignoring to this very day what food intakes are correct. The original food pyramid design was much higher in fruit and vegetable recommendations, but the office of the Secretary of Agriculture revised it to push more cereal grains and processed foods. Eat more animal fat and less carbs from breads and other garbage. Your carbs have to come from your veggies and fruits. Watch the sugar intake as well.

        • Haylee says:

          Jesus Christ, what an asshat you are Will. Get a life moron

        • Richard says:

          Do some study before you pass your “balanced diet” line. The “balanced diet” is exactly what got people to gain weight in the first place. All grains, sugar are poison.

          • Roy Walker says:

            Not really Richard, the reason most people get fat is the over indulgence in fast foods, eating a hamburger on a bun is not a good move sugary drinks is a sure fire way to up your body fat for at least 60% of the population, many people have eaten high cab diets, with low amounts of fats and protein, but sugar was not part of their diet. Sugary drinks and foods are way too easy to over eat, and most sugary foods come with a lot of plant seed oils, that make them very calorie dense. go out for a meal in a restaurant, and write down what you eat, then log it into a food calculator, you will find the meal you just ate is at least half of your daily calorie (if you are being good). Low carb diets are good for people who are way over weight, especially if you up the protein level, and cut the carbs down to green vegetables. but if you are not over weight or sick, then a moderate protein level,!05-20%, and make your starches a small serving, never more than 1/2 cup, (including fruit) and as many vegetables as you can eat, and some good healthy fats (no plant oils) except olive and avocardo, and you will remain healthy , strong and have a good BMI. cheers.,

        • Tracey says:

          Did you read anything on this site at all or are you just trolling?

      • Me says:

        You need to exercise more now.

    • Domestic Triffid says:

      +1 for what Tommy said. Your weight is actually fine for your height. May I suggest reading The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Phinney and Volek ? They have an entire chapter devoted to body composition 😀 You may find it very helpful !

    • Terri says:

      I would suggest you look at your protien intake. Too much protien can start to get stored as fat in your body. Perhaps limit to 60g of protein. Have a look at they have a calculator there for weight loss

    • Sam says:

      I used to have this issue when I did low carbs and I learnt of a system called Carb Nite (easy to google). It is the same process of eating low carbs (under 30 grams) and high fat and protein, but every week you have one day where you “binge” on carbs.

      The science behind it is that as you continue on low carbs, ur metabolic rate falls and to shoot it up again, you have to eat a lot of carbs over one night. These carbs are never stored as the hormones to convert carbs to fat are not active.

      Have a read up. May be what you are looking for! 🙂

      • Krista says:

        Have you continued to lose weight at the sane rate as before? Have you broken a plateau with this method?

        • Tommy says:

          I have been stabilizing a few years now so I guess the bodu is satisfied with the present level even thou I would like to lose a couple of more kg right now since I am “a bit high”… 🙂


    • Skye says:

      Also make sure you are eating enough calories–if you aren’t doing so, your body will adjust and enter into starvation mode. i weigh 124 lbs and i eat around 1950 calories a day (i workout 30minutes-1 hr daily 5x per week) advice would be to up your intake by 100 calories and give that a try 🙂

      • Kallee says:

        I was actually thinking the exact opposite. Her intake seems pretty caloric, especially with the coconut oil. She said she doesn’t workout so I’m thinking her calories a bit too high.

    • Kimberly says:

      Could you help me out and suggest a meal plan for the week for me, I’d like an idea to get help on losing weight. Nobody has ever taught Me what is the proper thing to eat. It would help me alot. As for women we do snack, and given there is diabetes in my family and I get low blood sugar attacks I need your help, I weigh 389.06 I use to be thin. Now being older it’s harder to get rid of the weight.

    • KatieMatey says:

      From a HEALTH point of view I’d cut our the processed meat! Bacon, chorizo, salami…seriously, it’s garbage.

    • Maria says:

      Try intermittent fasting. Here’s one link that may help, but there are many others online.

    • Kristi says:

      Perhaps you are not getting enough calories? Ty checking the BMI for the desired weight and then make sure yu are getting enough and the calories come primarily from healthy fatty foods.

    • J. Thomson says:

      From your outline diet, it sounds like your protein intake is way too high – you should be aiming at around half a gram of protein for every pound of body weight, i.e. 150lbs = 75gms of protein daily. Your intake of meat, fish, sausage, cheese, yoghurt and eggs will, in effect, be used by your body, instead of burning your body fat, because the liver converts the protein to glycogen to use as fuel. So, until your body uses up all the protein you put in, you’ll never go into ketosis regardless of how low your carb intake is.

    • Holly Gardner says:

      Hi Anja,
      a small awareness of your body’s healing process may help you here…. First i want to say Congratulations on your decision to stick with LCHF because you feel so good!
      Lets start with your initial weight loss — this was from the reduction in inflammation caused by the high carb in your diet previously….. next at this point, which is a mere 60 days later, your body is now heavily at work doing deep repairs….. muscle strength and repair takes priority over weight loss, especially if your heart muscle needs support. Then your adrenals start to repair and relax….. how has your sleep improved? are you getting up to pee in the night? then your body is still not ready to release the fat on reserve….. Be patient, continue your walking program… (kudos on the anti crazy workout philosophy) …. this will move your lymph fluids and further help your body to detox all of the stress weight you have gained over the past year…… stress weight is triggered by cortisol and is not the same as a binge on too many calories …… Hope this helps! hang in there! I have been practicing this way of eating for three years and i have seen my varicose veins reverse, my joint pain gone, my skin is soft and smooth. etc… It is so much more than just losing a couple pounds. Good luck to you.

  2. Bruce Feigler says:

    Hi Tommy, Thanks for your site. You are a cool guy with your outlook.Bruce

  3. Kate says:

    I am 55yrs and have just discovered LCHF, I live in South Africa. Like many woman I have battled with the weight issue all my life. I am so excited about this as I can actually enjoy eating and lose weight!! This is my 3rd day and have lost a 1kg. One thing though I am a vegitarian, perhaps a reason I have struggled with weight as I have always ate carbs to fill me up. Therefore this may seem a strange diet to get excited about, but I love diary and thus can have plenty cheese. Also I like Meditarean type food, cooking with olive oil.

    My questions is eating lots of cheese and eggs for my protein intake, is this ok?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  4. Εlena says:

    Hi Tommy great website.
    what about red wine?
    There are 2,6 carbs in 100 g of red wine.


    • Tommy says:

      I do not drink wine very often and there are very different amount of carbs in wine. I you drink a glass or two of the “dryer” ones I would not say there is any risk in getting to much carbs.But with the alcohol the “common sense” tend to be less present so the risk of eating other carbs might increase… 🙂


    • Jefferson says:

      The problem with red wine or similar – is that it’s not as simple as “the raw carb count” to stay below. All carbs are simply not equal. Wine / beer / alchohol / bread covert VERY quickly into sugar and thus creates a rapid insulin spike.

      The carbs in foods like summer squash, broccoli, cauliflower, spaghetti squash, asparagus, etc will take much longer for the body to break down and be absorbed.

      Please also bear in mind that if our goal is to “stay below 20 grams (or 50)” that it is easy to miss counting a few grams here and there and exceeding our goal. For me, it’s better to assume that my “real carb load” is 2X what I “think it is” – so even if I exceed the 20 limit, I’ll probably be well under 40-50.

      If, like me, your body tends to readily store extra fat, then we are fighting nature and our own genetic make-up – so extra measures are probably going to be needed to get the desired results.

  5. map says:

    hi tommy. great reading your website. may i ask if garlic and onions are allowed or not in lchf? they say underground vegetables are high in carbs. onions nad garlic are underground. are they included in the ban list? they can do a lot of diffference in food and i use them a lot and wonder if it’s why i am not losing weight for the last three months in spite of strict compliance to the diet. like many though, in spite of not losing weight, i am feeling much better as i go along. would appreciate your opinion on this one. many thanks.

    • Tommy says:

      I use both onion and garlic quite often. I do not make onion soup where the onion is the main ingredient but as “seasoning” I would say it is OK.


  6. Megan Hall says:

    Can one eat kale, collards, and cabbage on a LCHF diet.

    • Tommy says:

      I have my cabbage periods where I eat coleslaw, fried cabbage etc. So I would say cabbage is good food. Low on carbs so you need to ad a lot of fat… 🙂


  7. Melissa says:

    Hey Tommy! I really like your website! I’ve recently started to eat a little bit more LCHF. But I haven’t been losing any wait. I’m 1.72m and my weight always ranges between 67,5-69,5. I cant really seem to get it under control.

    My breakfast always consists of eggs, bacon and sometimes mayo. My lunch is usually some yoghurt, banana & walnuts (do I need to change that?) My dinners are always some types of vegetables with fish/chicken or meat.

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? 1. Should I increase my protein? If so, with what kind of products can I do that? 2. Maybe a increase of fats? With which types of food can I do that?

    I really hope that you can help me.. Because I’ve been trying it for a while now, but it doesnt really seem to help.

    Greets, Melissa!

    • Tommy says:

      The only real thing I see is quite “off” is the banana. Quite a lot of carbs in bananas…

      What kind of veggies do you eat? Try switching to good stuff like broccoli, spinach and asparagus instead of salads and tomatoes (if thats what you are eating).


      • says:

        There doesnt seem to be enough Fat in your diet…increase the fat, especially at lunch and dinner and definitely cut the banana out. And to be honest it really does help to write down and work out everything you eat initially. Just your carbs, fats and protein amounts until you know what’s working.

      • Leon says:

        I have also just started on this diet and I am feeling great. I believe walnuts are high on carbs. Wouldn’t hazel, pecan or almond nuts perhaps be better?

    • Marianne says:

      Your BMI is between 22,8 and 23,4, which is very much within the normal range. Maybe your body just don’t want to loose weight?

  8. Maggie says:

    Hi there! I happily discovered lchf about a month ago and have been fairly strict about the food I eat ever since — meat, lots of cheese, cream in my coffee, sour cream, no root vegetables, salads. However, as of today, I have not lost even 1 pound and I’m pretty discouraged. I think I may even be a pound heavier than when I started. Can you give me any idea of why it isn’t “working” for me, or suggestions on what, if anything, I can change to help the weight loss happen? Thanks in advance!

    • Tommy says:

      Sometimes it can take some time for the weight loss to “kick in”. You can try not eating cream nor cheese for a week and try to get your fat from oils and butter.


  9. kevin says:

    I’m loving this diet… no more cooking spray… I now use Real butter and I just bought Coconut oil to replace other oils… I’ve been using a lot of soy sauce for flavor on my chicken… The weight loss is slower than when I’ve done he in the past.. I am on a medication for blood clots and that might be slowing things down.. How about soy sauce? It that OK?

    • Tommy says:

      I would say you have too look at the soy sauce. Some are ok but others are filled with botch corn and sugar. In Sweden there are some brands that are quite ok.


    • Vicki says:

      The soy sauce is a big offender. It contains wheat, and lots of table salt. You could try coconut amino acids to replace it, and use only Celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. Soy is also estrogenic, which can affect your weight and your hormone levels.

  10. Kate says:

    Hi Tommy
    I started the diet only yesterday and lost 4 pounds already…apparently its water weight but hey its a grest start..a friend of mine in sweden recommended it. She lost 3 stone in a year!!!
    Ive been advised to stay clear of all fruit and root veg for a few weeks yo get things kick started.
    I love the coffee with cream 🙂

  11. Catherine Gardner says:

    Hi Tommy
    This is a fantastic website, thank you.
    I have just started a LCHF diet and I am a marathon runner (two weeks on the diet) I have lost a small amount of weight and I feel exhausted on my training runs. Have you got any advice?

    • Tommy says:

      Thank you.

      The only physical activities I do is walking around listening to music or audiobooks. I have not taken my exercise any further (yet) so I no not have any advice based on my own experience. I know some people who do very well in “extreme” sports on low carb training.

      Once the ketones are doing their thing I think the feeling of less energy will fade away. You have to teach your body it’s ok to burn fat rather than sugar. I know that people do add carbs during the actual performance to boost it a bit but not in amounts that is higher than the body’s capabilities to store sugar. It’s fo immediate use…


    • Keith Kling says:

      Hi, I would suggest that you read the book “The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance.” But, in it the authors suggest that because much of the weight you lose beginning LCHF is water weight and with the water loss also goes sodium loss. They suggest making bouillon broth and drinking it to replace the lost sodium. I am a long distance cyclist and have had the same experience of feeling exhausted on long rides, but within seconds of drinking the broth have got my energy back. Just make sure the bouillon contains 1 gm. (1000 mg.) of sodium.

  12. Jenni says:

    Hi Tommy

    I am 33 year old woman from South Africa. I am getting married in March and have recently (over the last 5 months) put on about 5kgs. I am 1.75m tall and now weigh around 77kgs which is more than I should and I can certainly feel it.
    I’ve only just been introduced to this way of eating and am willing to give it a good try and see if all the hype is true.

    My 2 concerns are:
    1. Won’t all the fat have a negative effect on cholesterol, i.e. increasing it? I just had mine tested yesterday and both are in really good shape.
    2. Where are you getting fibre from now?

    I really hope that this works for me as I want my old body back and to hopefully even get my weight down to around 68kgs as that is my goal!

    I go to gym 5 – 6 times a week doing a mixture of cardio and weight training. How would I eat before / after gym to ensure my body is getting all it needs? Should I have breakfast before gym and then a snack when I come home or the other way around?

    I would really appreciate your advise and feedback on this.

    Many thanks

    • Tommy says:


      Regarding your concerns.

      Cholesterol; No problem. When I look at my numbers over the last three years of quite a lot of saturated fat I have only got better numbers all the time. The total cholesterol is higher but the balance between the “good” and the “bad” is better. This is really what’s happening for a lot of people turning to Low Carb High Fat.
      Fibre; The only fibre I eat are in the meat and in some veggies. There is really no need for all extra fiber. The body have no use for it if the digestive system is healthy.

      I have limited expericense regarding “working out” and LCHF but the last two days of my training was focused of just that. The people in my class who train a lot (everyting from yoga to ultra long runners) say they do not really have to plan the eating as much as before. The teacher (speaking from his own experience) says he get the best result if he is without food for 12-16 hours and the do a hard work out. After the training he eat a lot of fat an proteins. I will start working out a bit now so in a couple of months I might have more own experience.


  13. Mark says:


    • Tommy says:

      I would say it looks pretty good. It is really hard to tell how much fat you need but my “rule” is to have the fat be 75 to 80 % of all energy. For me that is normally 125-175g of fat per day. Rest is proteins an a really small amount of carbs.

      I only take Vitamin D sometimes. I am thinking about getting more other vitamines but I honestly do not feel I need them.

      I can mail you a more detailed answer during the weekend.


  14. Morgana says:

    Hello Tommy (: First of all, great blog you have here ! I love how it’s so informative and also of course all the awesome recipes you post. I’m not very imaginative in cooking so you really gave me a lot of great ideas of what I can make. I wish it would be easier to get nice meat though, i don’t have a butchery near, so I just go for fatty fish most of the time.

    I have started with LCHF about 2-3 weeks ago and I am very satisfied with it so far. I don’t have too much to lose, I’m 1m73 for 64,5 kilos (started at 66,7 kg) but still I’m considering to keep it more as a “lifestyle” than a simple diet. It’s crazy all the things I’ve learnt while looking for infos, we are always getting brainwashed about how bad it is to eat ANY fat and now I feel kind of sad more people don’t know about LCHF. Or at least those who still believe it’s okay to eat a LOT of carbs every day.

    I don’t lose weight too fast yet, but I suppose that’s normal when you’re not too heavy. I’m keeping my diet very strict because I sometimes drink alcohol (yes, it’s summer, being out with friends makes it hard to avoid…) I try to drink more red wine than beer, which is the worst I could drink obviously! At the moment my food consists mostly of 2 meals, 1x mashed eggs with butter and bacon and later 1x salmon steak with butter.

    I have a few questions, the first would be, do you eat only one time/day ? And if you do, at what time of the day do you eat ? I have always been eating something when my stomach is craving for food, but may be I’ve been doing wrong, may be I should eat even more fat ? Then I was wondering if you have some tips on how to avoid carbs when you go out with friends, because this is the hardest thing for me so far ! My last question is, if you make an exception one day, does it restart your body from 0 ? I mean, is it gonna get used to carbs again directly ? Perhaps you don’t know precisely, but you might know from experience after those 4 years.

    Sorry I really wrote a lot ! Anyway, keep up the good work 😀

  15. Tommy says:


    The weight loss might take some time to kick when you (as you point out yourself) do not have that much to lose. There will be a lot of other “pros” during anyway.

    Yes, I normally only eat once a day. It’s between 3:30 PM and 7:00 PM. So sometimes there might be almost 28 hours between the meals. I do not necessarily thing that once per day is optimal, but I do what you do. When I am hungry I eat, when I am not I don’t. The important thing is to “feel” the difference between hunger for “energy” or hungry “for something to eat”. Its alway the hunger for energy that should control the eating habit…

    I do not have much problems avoiding carbs. I just don’t eat them. Easy things to avoid is bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and sugar. It’s harder to avoid carbs in “mixed dishes” but I tend to cope quite well. If you feel it’s socially just say you have become sensitive to gluten (most breads and pasta…) and processed sugar. For some reason it’s more accepted to be “sick” than to make your own choice…

    I have not really pushed the farms up to my former levels. A couple of times I have tested Coca Cola, juice etc to see if the blood sugar reacts on a long term and they have not done so. If you have to make exceptions I would suggest you do them on potatoes or other underground veggies rather than pasta, sugar, bread or rice.

    Since I have not been dieting before I started LCHF I do not think I am “braking” anything by eating carbs a couple of occasions per year. If you are a “periodic” dieter I would say its worse. And if you are a sugar-addict it’s even worse…

    Long and maybe bad written answer… But its getting late… 🙂


    • Morgana says:

      Hey, thanks a lot for the fast answer.

      Yes, I already noticed a lot of positive things, like my skin got really nice and smooth (I’ve never had bad skin, but somehow now it’s even better) I read that about the skin on many LCHF reviews. That’s awesome because I first thought so much fat might make my skin oily, but not at all.

      I wanna try to eat only 1x a day but somehow I’m hungry about twice a day usually O: … I wonder if it’s just my body or if I’m doing something wrong. To be honest I’ve always eaten A LOT even before LCHF so it might just be me.

      Avoiding carbs is no problem for me either during the week, but when you go out yeah… It’s always the usual “booooo why don’t you eat this ?” You’re idea with being sensitive to gluten is actually great ! You’re totally right, it’s ridiculous but that’s how it is, they’ll accept it better if you pretend to be sick. Last week end I was at a Steak restaurant and I asked which steak has the most fat and somehow they got me the one with less fat… Well I guess they couldn’t imagine I wanted to have the one with fat o.O

      I’m also wondering if the calories intake actually matters ? Because I haven’t really been counting. I just eat a lot of fat and when I’m hungry.

      When I’ll reach my goal with my weight I’ll keep the carbs low, but I think I’ll allow myself some sweet things from time to time because I totally love sweets… It’s not too hard to avoid it at the moment but sometimes I really crave for a huge caramel chocolate ice-cream (especially with the hot weather) I don’t mind bread, pasta etc. Don’t miss it so much.

      Again I wrote pretty much, huh… I was wondering, is it okay if I stay in contact with you via e-mail ? I don’t really know anyone doing this diet and somehow it’s nice to talk to people who understand it and are doing it and stuff ^^

      See ya

      PS: Don’t worry about the bad written, English ain’t my first language either.

      • Tommy says:

        Hi, Feel free to drop me a mail and I’ll try to come back as soon as possible.


        • Morgana says:

          Hello again Tommy and hello Ann-Marie,

          I have surely made some progress since last time i wrote here, i am now at 62,5 kg and maintain it easily even when i go on a sugar frenzy (it’s the hardest to avoid for me as i love ice-cream in summer :D) So a total of 4 kilos lost in about 1 year of really not strict LCHF with a lot of long breaks, it’s not too bad! My goal would be to reach at least 55 kilos, which is close to the weight i used to have and was satisfied with.

          I have the feeling though that i struggle to go under 62,5 kg. Like it doesnt change anything if i eat strict LCHF for days or whatever i do, i stay at that weight. I think it is because i have let my body get used to that weight, like it was at 66,5 for years. Or my incapacity of keeping on a strict diet for more than a week… But it’s so much social pressure!

          Would you have some tips for the weight loss to kick in again ?

          Thank you :))

          • Tommy says:


            Well, I am myself at a pretty “stable” weight a little higher than I wan to. I am trying increasing the fat a little and keeping the proteins down. Today I had some cheese again so the proteins got over 100g again. But I try to keep them under 100g.

            If you have not tried cutting down on cream and cheese you could try that for a couple of weeks and at the same time increase the fat even further.


            • Morgana says:

              Yes you are right, i am now trying since may be 2-3 days to cut out all dairy and increase the fat (although i LOVE cheese) Today it already felt like my clothes were less tight, it might be working! I’ll keep you updated in a week or so, i hope you manage to reach the weight you’re aiming for 🙂

              I love your recipes by the way, very inspirational!



            • Morgana says:

              Hej 🙂 So as i said i would come back to you about my strict LCHF try out, here i am.

              I could only do it for a week and a half 100% strict. I’ve simply cut out all diary, vegetables, everything except fat and proteins from animal sources. No sugar free sweetened drinks either, only water. It’s veeery hard to keep more than 1 month i think, but the results are incredible! I finally went under the 62,5 kilos i was stuck at to 61 kg 😀

              Of course afterwards you will probably need to stabilize the weight. I might try to give it a go a bit longer but the no vegetables no cheese is much suffering haha



      • Ann-Marie says:

        Hi Morgana
        Great job so far, I feel like I am in a similar situation to you. I am more interested in losing the fat through a LCHF eating regime.
        You mentioned about having some sweet stuff from time to time. Check out Wholefood Simply, Bianca Slade offers many recipes without sugar but with a whole lot of taste. I have just finished eating a Cherry Ripe Cake, not the entire cake!
        Try raw treats that use majority nuts, coconut oil, cacao, dates and coconut plus others.
        I will keep reading with much interest.

  16. Brian and Terri says:

    Hi Tommy. Glad we have found your site as I think we might need it. Been following Mr Skaldemans system 4 weeks. Lost 7lb then 1lb then 2lb then last week we put 2lb back on. So, we are starting with you advise of cutting out cream and cheese for a week. Will see what happens. Thank you.

    • Tommy says:


      That can sometimes happen but after yet some time the weight will go back down again. Our bodies have been so “spoiled” with fast carbs so once we try to change this it sometimes reacts like we are starving and we lose some weight in water and then it starts adding little fat again but if we keep at it it will happily start burning fat again.


  17. Bo says:

    Hi Tommy

    Help help! So if I have to keep my fat intake as high as 75% and carbs as low as 20g, do I manually track this? I’m really struggling. I’ve tried MyFitnessPal and some other apps. But they are all so different? How do I do this? I’m getting so frustrated…


    • Tommy says:


      In the beginning it is easier to use some kind of tool to keep track but I would say that you quite fast get the hang of what tot eat to get the numbers ok.

      My first “rule of thumb” it to eat twice as much fat than you thought you were gonna eat… 🙂


  18. Brian and Terri says:

    I know what you mean Bo. MyFitnessPal can be so inaccurate. So, I check everything very carefully. Now I have a fair idea of which item that I use are correct in values and it does me well. I am over 2 so far on the Skaldeman today but know it will go down a bit after my evening meal.

  19. mark says:

    Been on lchf for two weeks and starting to feel better. I need to know how much protein is considered ok and how much fat is to much fat. With all the stuff I read and watched no one makes these points clear. They say to much protein can cause the same effect as sugar and with all I gave up I hate to see that happen. Please help, I really want to stick to this, it seems to help with my depression!! Thanks

    • Tommy says:

      When I look at my stats I would say a protein level at roughly 1g per kilo of weight. A little less is ok and a little more is also ok.

      If your weight is 100kg I would recommend between 85 and 115g of proteins. 100g of protein is translated to almost 500g of chicken or 400g of beef.

      Regarding fat I would say it’s hard to “overeat” the fat. For 100g of proteins you need to eat 130-150g of fat to get the best effect.


  20. cassie says:

    Hi Tommy,

    If I am eating a diet very high in fat as is required by this lchf plan, but have a period of slipping up and eat too many carbs, will it negate all the positive effects of all the fat and make me gain weight? ie, if I know I am going to have a carb heavy week (going on vacation/wedding) should I stop eating so much fat for that week? Hope this makes sense…

  21. Vivek says:

    Hi Tommy
    is Tomoto bad in LCHF diet? why?

    • Tommy says:

      I would not call it bad but tomato are a little sweet for me. So when on a strict LCHF diet I would avoid tomato but if on a more liberal version it’s ok as long as you do not eat to many of them.


  22. Linda says:

    I am 2 days in to the LCHF diet and I feel very hungry. Also feel like I have put on weight, but I’m not so worried about this as it is early days. I have been eating LOADS of meat and no carbs (none of the obvious ones) and cooking everything in Olive Oil. I would really like to begin (or end) my day with a smoothie – any ideas on the best ingredients to put in it to make it high fat? – I am thinking yogurt (full fat), honey, berries, cream (double) and coconut oil. I have never been much of a dairy eater, but I am trying. Also, are Chia seeds ok on this diet? Also, is Cranberry Juice okay?


  23. PATRICIA says:

    Mi gran problema es el azúcar! me desespera, por lo que compro caramelos sugar free, pero he leido que estos también rompen la dieta… es cierto?
    También querría saber si un día comes mas carb de los debidos, al haber ingerido mucha grasa, el efecto es rebote y engordas? Me explico, al coger la energía de los carb y no las grasas ese dia.


  24. PATRICIA says:

    My problems is the sugar, i cant live without candys so when i do the diet i bu candy sygar free but someone told me sugar free candys broke the diet couse each candy has about 2/3gr of cab.

    An other questions is, if one day u eat more than , let say 100gr cab, that day you get weight couse you are not using the energy from the fat?


    • Tommy says:

      I have tried a couple of “shocks” and measured my ketones and blood sugar level. I think I can take those kind of “hits” now and then but I cannot speak for others. I do however not want to do it unless it’s for experimental purposes…


  25. PATRICIA says:

    If i have a period of slipping up and eat too many carbs, will it negate all the positive effects of all the fat and make me gain weight? ie, if I know I am going to have a carb heavy week (going on vacation/wedding) should I stop eating so much fat for that week? Hope this makes sense…

    • Tommy says:

      I think that it is very individual how a “slip” might impact the weight. I do not think my weight will increase in the long run. Maybe the cabs will bid more fluids in the short run, but I would not think I will start gain fat after just one slip.

      A full week might have longer impact so I would recommend against it.


  26. Buurman says:

    Hi Tommy. Great Blog!
    I struggle with the fat/ protein/ carb ratio.
    If i look at a piece of chicken (thigh) for example, how do I get the fat percentage to 70%? Considering the amount of fat?
    Is their maybe a website where I can find % of fat in meat, chicken, so taht I can use it when calculating percentages?

    • Tommy says:

      Well, the ratio and Energy% is really two different things in my graphs.

      The ratio is a simple ratio on the amount of fat compared to protein and carbs. Just ad the carbs (as low as possible) and protein together and divide by the amount of fat. A ratio of 1 is when you eat the same amount of fat than the other energy sources. I would recomend a ratio at over 1,5 to get a good weight loss.

      The energy % is slightly more complicated. In that calculation you have to look at the energy the sources produce. Fat is almost twice as rich in energy than the other two. To get the % calculate the total calories and then look at the different sources to get the energy % from each.

      I can try to write a better post on this topic after christmas…


  27. Ben Pedraza says:

    Greetings Tommy, I ran across this site when doing a search for LCHF meal ideas. Loads of good info here. I am curious as to what your personal food choices are to achieve your desired goal of 70% fat in your food intake? I am just ready to begin the LCHF approach and could use your advice in this area. Please accept my thanks for what you are doing to help others on this journey.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Tommy says:

      Hi and welcome!

      I tend to go back to butter or mayo to get the energy % up. Keep proteins down a little bit.

      Most of the meals I prepare myself on this site is 70% or above in energy % from fat.


  28. kim says:

    I am trying to up my fat intake without raising my carbs. What are the best foods to start with to accomplish this?

    • Tommy says:

      One good way is to chose basic food with more fat. Entrecôte instead of sirloin, chicken thigh instead of breast or salmon instead of leaner choices.

      Make real fat cole slaws with mayo instead of part mayo and part “other”…

      Or just increase the amount of seasoned butter to everything… 🙂


  29. Rachael says:

    Hi, I am 1 week into LCHF and have lost an astonishing 4kg (started at 90kg).
    My question is: would homemade almond milk be ok? I can’t find any nutritional composition info on homemade, only manufactured. I use 1/2 a cup with my espresso in the morning. A batch is made from 1 cup of soaked almonds whizzed with 4 cups of water. I’ve been drinking it for about 6 months due to lactose intolerance/IBS.
    thank you

    • Tommy says:

      Grats and welcome to LCHF!

      One week and 4kg is really good!

      For me almonds are a bit high on carbs but then again, I am aiming very low on the carbs. I also do not like mixing my coffee with anything. If I do mix it with something its butter and/or coconut oil.

      If you keep feeling good and losing weight I see no reason why you would have to cut down on the almonds. But if you stall I would suggest trying drinking coffee without out it for a week or so.

      Good luck and if you have further questions do not hesitate to ask more…


  30. Hannah says:

    Hi Tommy,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer all of these questions and offer support to so many people!
    I would like to know if there is a book or website you can refer that focuses on recipes and meal plans for LCHF without dairy or eggs. My family does it tolerate either very well and it seems quite a challenge to get enough fat without cream, cheese, butter and eggs. We do use ghee.
    Thank you,

    • Tommy says:

      I honestly do not know any good sites without dairy nor eggs. I guess there are several out there in the Paleo world but for me Paleo is too much carbs…

      I do not eat that much dairy nor eggs. Butter and cheese but that’s it. I am trying to cut down on the cheese so here you will not find much with cheese nowdays (I hope…).


  31. Avril says:

    Are packet ‘Cup of soups’ allowed on the diet? In particular, Tomato and Asparagus varieties?great site, thanks!


    • Tommy says:

      Hi, normally “pre-fab” soups are quite heavy on carbs. I googled and found different brands ranging from 12g per 100g to over 20. So I would not recommend them if you are aiming really low on carbs.


  32. Natascha says:

    Hello, Tommy! 😀

    I read every single word of your post and comments above, also. It’s amazing how true is everything you claim – it is obvious that you’re writing it from your own experience, because, example given: right after when I cut down on proteins (which showed I ate too much grams of it, eventhou, my carb intake was 5 grams per day) and, more importantly, increased butter intake (carbs stil on 5-10 grams per day), I naturally started to eat just once a day, I couldn’t believe it, so, of course, my weight instantly started to drop off – I should really correct this – my CENTIMETERS started to go down and weight was a little up, but I really don’t care about weight, because I see I look leaner. Guess The Warrior diet by O. Hoffmekler really works! 🙂

    One question: what is your total calorie intake? Mine is even above 2 000 but I am still getting leaner.



    • Tommy says:


      Yes, the centimeters often shows before the weight.

      My total daily intake of calories are the one shown every day. I normally eat ponce a day an the nutrition in the graph is for the full day.


  33. Natascha says:

    Oh, sorry, I haven’t read all of your posts yet.

    Thanks for answering and keep up with good work! You do have a great reason for it – HEALTH!

    Good luck!

  34. elna says:

    Good day. I have been living this new lifestyle for 4 months. I am 44 years old, my height is 1,63 and I now weighs 63kg. I have lost 12 kg. Seems like I am stuck now. My eating plan are as follows: Early morning, bulletproof coffee. At 11h00, 2 Eggs, bacon, avo. 19h00, braaivleis with salad and bluecheese salad sauce. I also drink more than 2 litres of water. What am I doing wrong?. Thanks for a great blog!

    • Tommy says:

      Hi, thanks!

      I wouldn’t say you are doing anything wrong. Sometimes the body needs time to catch up after some weight loss. So give it some time and it might start going down again. if not try to keep of the cheese… That sometimes works for me even thou it’s not doing anything now. I have been “stuck” for over 2 years… 🙂


      • elna says:

        Thanks for your response, Tommy. My husband and I are going to start using more butter with every meal. The seasoned butter that you uses looks devine! Regards from a hot South Africa.

  35. peg says:

    Just found this and I am very excited to try this.I am so overweight.I am 5 feet 2 inches and weigh 180 pounds all encouragement is needed.meal planning ideas would be appreciated

  36. Adrian says:

    Tommy, why didn’t you include lettuce in the allowed food list? It has less carbs than tomatoes…

    • Tommy says:

      To be totally honest I do not really like lettuce. I eat it when I get it on the plate but I never buy it for my own cooking. I prefer broccoli, spinach or asparagus.


  37. Urban Melander says:

    Happy I found your website. Good job on your weight loss. Swede living in USA.

  38. Stela says:

    Hi guys. I started reading about LCHF recently, and i m trying to follow it since 3 days ago. Im just not used to so much FAT, im so scared of gaining weight. Its true that i ddont feel hungry, but im scared to death of getting FATTER.
    IM almost 70 kg, wana lose 10kgs.
    Please anyone, feel free to contact me to share your trully experiencies with this.

    • Tommy says:

      Hi, Sometimes you can gain some weight in the beginning after the “water effect”. But as soon as the body starts burning fat it’s no problem eating fat.

      The last 5-10 kg are always the hardest in every diet… 🙂


  39. Liz says:

    Hello !!

    I have fairly recently got into LCHF and the immediate results have been good. I lost 2 Kgs in 1 week!! After that I took to resistance training since I wanted to look toned and healthy and hopefully not a victim of loose skin. Weightloss has been fairly very low after this and now I am heavier by 500 gms. Do u suggest to keep on doing LCHF along with resistance training or cut out workout from the regime??

    Any insights would be helpful.


    • Tommy says:

      Sorry for the late response…

      I would say the training does not really have any direct impact on the leight loss. The indirect impacy could be taht you get more hungry when you train so I would try to to train for a while and at the same time really cut down on the carbs.

      What do you eat now? How much carbs do you thing you get?


  40. vanboy says:

    I failed to talk towards the guy, and he did not have got a price tag on it. I am guessing he experienced it out there for show also to lure in persons like me.

  41. Debbie says:

    Hi Tommy

    I suffer from IBS and I was just wondering from a “fibre” perspective, what veggies are best to eat to get fibre without irritating the digestive tract?


  42. ruma says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I weigh 90 kgs and am 5’4″ tall. I eat chicken and goat meat only…no ham or beef for me.Am also intolerant to eggs espl when they are cooked by themselves but can have when they are added with white flour as in cakes, pancakes etc.Would you recommend LCHF diet for me? Can i have lentils and what amount?


    • Tommy says:

      I would say it is fully possible for you to eat LCHF. When you say you do not eat beef, does cream, butter or milk “beef”.

      Can you eat seafood?

      I could come a long way on only different kinds of poultry and goat so there should not be a problem there.

      Can you eat mayo? Some people sensitive to eggs can eat them when used “raw” in mayo.

      Fat can be from avocado, olives etc if butter and mayo is not ok.


  43. My brother recommended I might like this website.
    He was totally right. This post actually made my day.

    You cann’t imagine just how much time I had
    spent for this information! Thanks!

  44. rea says:

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  45. Winnie says:

    I have got to try this diet. Good Luck to all.

  46. Kev says:

    Hi to you all

    I have to say at the start of this diet I was very scared about the amount
    Of FAT in the diet but I can say to you all who are worried . Don’t be so far
    I have lost 22lb on this diet and it has been life altering and also the only diet that
    Has worked for me so get stuck In and start lossing weight and be happy again


  47. Karabs says:

    Hi Tommy
    I really love your blog! very cool

    I am enjoying the LCHF diet but cant seem to let go off the Albran flakes, I eat like a hand full of this in the mornings will this have a huge impact on me losing any weight tho? my issue is I don’t have time to make breakfast so its my quick to have breakie. 2nd Question is…is a teaspoon of Peanut butter okay to have as a snack? or is this to high on carbs

  48. Cayley says:

    Hi Tommy, So my Dr suggested this diet to lose the last 6kg to 10kg after losing 25kg just by cutting out sugar after having my son 4 months. But that had seem to stop working and I havent lost anything for about a month. So my Dr said to try this Diet. To tell you the truth I am a little scared eating all this food as my head is still saying bad food.
    Im reall excited to see if this works for me and I hope I am doing it right. But is it true I dont have to weigh my food or do calorie control? as i was doing a stricked 1200 calorie diet and will I gain as I will be above what my normal intake is?

    Feeling nervous…

  49. Tracy says:

    Just started my 2nd week after a 6lb weight loss in my first week! I have cut out all starch from my diet. I do miss a teaspoon of sugar in my tea though, would it be ok to replace it with 1 teaspoon of honey? As I have read that artificial sweeteners are a no no, Thankyou

    • Daniel says:


      Honey is fine… provided you collect it yourself from the hive… up a tree. All joking aside honey is inline for many people’s paleo/primal experience, after-all a caveman could’ve eaten honey, he couldn’t just pop to the shop and buy gallons of the stuff though. I should imagine collecting honey was often a life threatening experience of dangling high above the ground trying to ignore being stung.

      I know your question is quite old but I thought I’d answer it for the benefit of others. Hopefully you’ve achieved what you wanted. If like me you chose to stop calling this way of eating a diet and just what you eat (mocking grain eating sugar burners for warning you of artery clogging fat induced heart disease.)

      Anyway my advice, just don’t sweeten your tea of coffee for a few weeks, if it tastes bad maybe try some different brands of teabag. I can assure you that in no time when a colleague or family member forgets and sugars your tea you’ll realise how disgusting it was and won’t be able to drink it, especially if you’ve stuck to the rest of your diet (which is seriously lacking sweet stuff,) I promise you won’t miss the sweets for long 🙂

      • Tommy says:

        I also feel sweet thinks quickly gets “redundant”. I would not recommend honey or any other sweetener. Even thou it is “natural” or “paleoish”. Sugar is sugar and carbs are carbs… 🙂


  50. Brittany says:

    I’ve started this new what I like to call lifestyle instead of diet because that’s what it is to me as a new lifestyle…. anyways I need some advice. This is a typical day for me I wake up I have coffee eggs and bacon and then I go outside and water my plants go out for a walk always carry water where ever I go. I then come back and have lunch which is as a this week chicken salad and then go back out and do a lot more physical activity walking running pretty much playing with my kids when it’s time to come inside I start to feel hungry I’ll grab maybe a handful of almonds and snack on that but I still find myself starving when it’s dinner time any suggestions on what I should do or what could help thanks so much!

  51. Cindy says:

    Am almost 60 female and had been on South Beach diet about 6 years ago and went from 225 to 165 (5’6″). Am now
    back up to 195 due to going back to eating carbs…am high functioning autistic and carbs are not good for me…..go into yeast infections and feel bad. Have been on the lchf diet for 5 days now and not lost any weight…..but feel a lot better and yeast infection getting under control…..stopped beer also (my self medication) and switched to gin and diet tonic. Any advice? Really hate this extra weight after having been down to 165!

  52. Charmaine says:

    Hi I have started this diet 2 weeks ago and picked up 1.5 kg, not sure what I am doing wrong. If I look at the kj per fat Etc it is very high and if I compare to what I have eaten before it is double with the fat increase, with less food. I am not a big eater anyway

  53. Anne says:

    Hi Tommy.
    me and my boyfriend is considering LCHF, but we both stand to loose a lot me about 70kg and him about 50kg is this the right diet for us then? I could be very much afraid that we will just gain a lot of kgs because of all the fat) I grew up with parents always telling me that is you want to loose weight eat less and its okay to be a little hungry if you are trying to loose weight.
    I get that you as a max can eat 5g carb pr 100g food, but now I can se you have to watch your protein too? ut then you write further up to Kate from South Africa that se can eat a lot of eggs, I belive there is a lot of protein in eggs so that got me confused. and if I cant eat any sugar I basicly have to make any thing I fit in my mouth from scratch (not a problem im a stay at home mom)
    basicly Im looking for a lot of advise so that me and my boyfriend dosent gain a lot of weight, we are from Denmark and have bought an LCHF cookbook (is waiting on it in the mail)

    • Tommy says:

      I would say LCHF really could work for you. The fat is not what makes people gain weight. In the beginning there can be some gain but it will go down if you keep the fat up and carbs down.

      To get the fat burning started I would suggest going as low as possible on the carbs. Do not worry about the proteins or fat even tho ot is good to keep the protein below 100g a day (and that is 4-500g of meat). The eggs are no problem at all. I would say you can eat as much eggs at you want if you keep adding fat too…


  54. Zoe says:

    Hi, So glad I came across this blog- It’s fantastic!!
    I have a question or two for you.
    I recently started eating LCHF, so far I have lost 5lbs in 6 days, days 8 and 9 fluctuated a bit (either up or down slightly) Anyway my meals look a bit like this-
    Breakfast: coffee with milk- I can’t have cream in it, because where I buy my coffee from does not have that option. ( I don’t eat breakfast- because I cannot stomach anything too early….. maybe a fat bomb would be suitable? (Weekends are little bit different, I have bacon and eggs)
    Lunch: normally leftovers from the night before or a can of tuna mixed with 1-2 tbs mayo, a few capers, 3-4 baby gherkins/bought thai chicken salad.
    Dinner: Steak or Chicken pan fried in olive oil and a serve of steamed broccoli or cauliflower drizzled with olive oil.

    I may snack on an avocado throughout the day and more recently I have been having a few mouthfuls of peanut butter every few days (it’s 9.3g carbs per 100g)
    The servings of food which I have are by no means huge, but neither tiny. I am finding that my appetite has decreased though. Am I eating too much? too little? I would appreciate your advice.

    Thank you

  55. jana says:

    Hi Tommy, how many eggs can you eat per day? Regard Jana

    • Tommy says:

      I would say you can eat as many as you like as long as you also add fat. To many eggs and to little fat could give you a little high protein intake. But otherwise I see no “risks” in eating plenty of eggs. If you want a number I would say 28… 🙂


  56. Erwin says:

    Tommy, thank you for your great guide. Very helpful. I, however, do have a question about whenever or not eating fat is required for this diet? I know it is a silly question but fat digusts me for some reason. I’m fine with cutting carb and sugar out of my diet and I have been doing so for the last three days. I just want to get the most out of the diet. Thanks!

    • Tommy says:

      I would say that fat is required. Where will you get the energy if you do not eat carbs or fat? Proteins. Sure a higher intake of protein might work as long as the carbs are really low and you are training really hard. Otherwise you will need the fat to get the energy and start the ketogenic process in burning fat.

      I know it can be hard eating fat when you have been told “for ever” it is bad for you. I am working on a longer post on different “delivery systems” for fat… Not sure when it will be published, but later this fall.



  57. Emma says:


    I love your blog it’s a real inspiration. I’ve been doing Atkins strictly for five weeks but the weight loss is one step forward two steps back. I’m only just overweight so I wouldn’t expect to lose weight that fast. Nevertheless the Scandanavian Diet looks like just the sort of thing for me as I love eating fat but I need to get it right. I’ve got the book by Skaldeman, and I don’t want to eat all the recipes – but make my own. I’m finding it really, really tricky working out the ratios. I’m not the best when it comes to making calculations of any kind. I guess I have some questions that might seem obvious. I wondered if you or anyone else can help.

    1) When the Scandanavian diet talks about 20% carbs, does it mean carbs total or just net carbs – I would assume it’s total carbs (as it’s not Atkins.) I’m used to measuring in cups but say I am calculating 1 cup of peppers for example which is 4.3g carbs total does this make up 4.3g of my 20% (20g) carbs for the day? The alternative would be the actual weight for example 1 cup = 92g. I’m not even sure if it’s meant to be 20g carbs (and I’ve not got my book with me, I’m away this weekend.)

    2) I understand the principle that the sum of fat should be equal to the protein and carbs together but being a maths div I am at a loss to calculate the ratios myself. I don’t need to eat a great amount as I’m 11.4 (most days at the moment) and (5ft 6′). Could you explain how you calculate the ratio’s with some examples? Or could tell me where I could find some kind of on line calculator for it? I know it’s a long shot. I’m not good at pie charts but I’d love to do a little chart each day I’m really getting into it.

    I really want to do the diet Tommy and your blog has inspired me. I feel a million times better physically in every way since I gave up carbs but I’d like to have more control over things. I love eating fat – always have – especially butter!

    I think if the Scandinavian diet was easier to master I think it would become widespread. Skaleman’s book is good but it comes across as an informal journal rather than and instruction booklet on how to be independent with the diet and that’s what I want. I know other people may find the diet easy to understand but I’m lost. You all might think me a bit thick but I’m a masters student so I can’t be that dumb! lol Even if I am dafter than average it still suggests that I’m not the only person unable to work out how to do the diet properly.

    Anyhow if you can help then thats great if not – it’s no worries I’m sure I’ll get there in the end. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us Tommy.

  58. raad kabota says:

    no fruits at all? no need to count calories? and ill loose weight? is it good for diabetes? because i am.

  59. sasha says:

    I need some advice have been following ketogenic diet i had maybe 10 cheat days in 3 months basically ate cream btter cheese protein and some veg well i ran some tests and only to find out my cholestrol increased and my thyroid level went up? can someone advise me should u cut dairy just do little protein olive oil and veg?

    • Tommy says:

      It depends on what you eat on your cheat days. It all you eat those days are snickers or pasta I would say these days are “worse” than the cream cheese… I think that “hard” cheese like cheddar are better when it comes to carbs but maybe worse if you are sensitive to milk proteins. Protein, olive oil and veg sounds like to little fat and to much carbs… 🙂


  60. Gill says:

    I am pure vegetarian. Please guide me what should I have as LCHF

    • Tommy says:

      It depends on what a pure vegetarian. If this is no eggs nor cream/butter etc then it is a little hard getting everything you need. Coconut oil and avocado are goof fat sources. Some other oils like olive oil and nice green veggies such as broccoli and asparagus. Not really sure about the proteins…


  61. Justine says:

    Hey Tommy,

    first of all- thank you for this wonderful blog and that you decided to share your story and give tips to the world 🙂

    I’ve got some questions as well: why don’t you recommend eating more tomatoes? The major part of them is water after all, yet they are pretty healthy if cooked. Also, should intake of bell pepper be restricted as well (green, white, yellow, red)? And finally, at the course at the university our PhD said that people should not consume less than 120 grams of carbs per day since it’s that’s the amount our brain requires to function properly. Since your daily carb intake is next to zero (which theoretically should be harmful), I would like to ask you if have noticed any changes in your cognitive performance (creativity, intelligence, memory and so on).

    Greetings 🙂

    • Tommy says:

      You PhD is wrong. We do not need to ad carbs for fule to the brain. He(?) is right in the fact that the rain need “carbs” but the great thing with our body si that we actually produce the sugar (carbs) the brain needs so we do not need to ad any carbs at all.

      A lot of people (including me) feel improved cognitive performance. There is a Swedish “memory champion” who has been promoting low carb since he can keep his concentration much better without all blood sugar dips.

      Well, the reason for me not “promoting” tomatos is frankly I do not eat much tomatos… I am not saying you should not eat tomatos. If I eat carbs I like broccoli, asparagus and spinach much more.


  62. Angela says:

    I am a new experimenter in LCHF. I have been looking into it for awhile as a way to get back to a better weight, but I really was motivated 2 days ago when I found out my blood glucose levels are becoming elevated (hubby is type 2 so I test myself occasionally and my previously very normal levels are climbing).

    That was all the incentive I needed to jump right in.

    The first day I wasn’t able to keep the carbs under 100 (I can see it will take time to learn the carb contents of many fresh foods that I never suspected had so many).

    I got an app for my phone so this has made it easier.

    Today, the second day I kept carbs under 75 all of which were in the evening hours. I realized too late I should have had a few of them earlier in the day as I got a bit of a headache and lightheadedness (nothing too bad). I also didn’t reach the protein or fat levels suggested (strangely enough I was even well under the reduced calorie goal for weight loss that the app suggests) but I also didn’t do much of anything physical today so energy requirements were low.

    I do have a couple of questions.

    1. About the “water effect”. Which way does that work exactly? Does high carb consumption cause water retention or does the low carb method cause it in the beginning (I am experiencing some now so I just wondered). I know it is a temporary thing but just wondered what the specifics were.

    2. How is weight loss attained if the calories consumed are not less than the calories expended (even though a calorie is not a calorie as previously thought). If the body switches to burning fat as fuel then we are burning the high levels of fat we are consuming but why would we then burn stored fat if the calories aren’t deficient – or are they naturally going to be lower despite the high fat intake?

    Thanks for this great resource.

  63. Irmgard says:

    Hi, I am a vegetarian and use to eat a lot of chick peas, beans, lentils and guinoa to get my proteins but as these are not allowed on LCHF I get it mostly from eggs, cheese and hemp powder mixed in Coconut powder and water. My question: is this enough protein? How much protein should I be getting a day?

  64. Karin says:

    Hi I’m new to this LCHF life style, I’m from Namibia and got hold of the book of Tim Noakes The Real Meal Revolution, I’ve lost 1.4kg the first week and I’m now busy with my second week. Can you please tell me how much gram of protein I must eat with my meals per day, I’m stupid with working out the %, My breakfast is 4 rashers of bacon, 5 button mushrooms and one fried tomato fried in Coconut oil, is that ok? Lunch is +- 100gr of protein- chicken with baby marrows, onions fried in coconut oil, & cream, supper would be some +- 100gr of protein like steak with baby marrow/ onion/mushrooms and red peppers with cream. When I feel hungry or just something to eat I eat some “dried sausage”. sorry English is not my home language. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  65. Pam says:

    Dear Tommy,

    I am 150 cms tall and weigh 150 pounds. I am suffering with PCOS for over ten years and have been gradually gaining weight. The more I try to lose weight, the more I gain. I am a vegetarian and have started LCHF. Since I am an Indian my food options are little different.

    I eat cottage cheese, yoghurt (cultured milk not the processed yoghurt available in market), butter milk, green vegetables and cheese. but these choices are very limited. I fear i might get bored very fast

    Can I eat peas, legumes, beans and lentils? Also can I eat sprouts?

  66. BA Landge says:

    Dear Tommy
    Today is my 12 th day on lchf
    My breakfast is 2 egg omlette 5 almondsand 2 tbsp of butter with coffee
    Lunch: veg like spinach cabbave or panner with spinach and one or 2 boiled eggs
    5 pm snacks: peanuts & coffee/tea with butter
    Dinner:yougart & vegetables& half cheese cube or boiled eggs

    I have not lost weight at all
    My weight is 60 kg
    My fbs is 72 & 1 hour ppbs is 182 & 1.5 hour ppbs is 152 and 2 hour ppbs is 132

    • Tommy says:

      It can take some time for the body to “learn” to burn fat. It is very individual on when the weight starts going down. Sometimes it can take a couple of days and sometimes months. If you are a “regular dieter” it can take longer time compared to if it is your first try on loosing weight.

      I would not eat peanuts. Far to much carbs. Brazilian nuts is much better.


      • balandge says:

        Thanks tommy for a wonderful blog i m regular visitor of blog
        my query is for alomost one month i was eating only 900 to 1000 calories on lchf bcoz i was not feeling hungry at all
        but as a pointed out earlier also i m not loosing weight as ate
        recently i m observing water rententation prob also anf fatige
        is it due to low calorie diet?
        my all LFT & KFT markers are fine & I reduced TG (200 to 132) and LDL from 165 to 115
        HDL increased from 42 to 65
        its good but i m worried for weight and water retentation
        weight is not increasing nor decreasing
        lost only 2 kg when i started with lchf
        from last week i have increased calories from 900 to 1600 calories per day
        i m taking almost 60 to 70 % fat carbs are hadly 50 gms a day & rest is protein I take non veg also
        i m not hungry but my bg sometimes goes in the lower range of 70 s. upper side bg is upto 132 @ 1 hour ppbs
        i m mixed up & looking for valuable inputs from u
        thanks in advance

        • Tommy says:

          If you are around 50 g carbs I day I would recommend cutting it a little lower. Under 20 or preferably under 10 g a day. Net carbs. The calories you are cutting from the carbs should come from fat. Sometimes I hear people feeling a bot fatigues and this is often solved by increasing energy from fat.


  67. dees says:

    Dear Tommy
    i have been on this eating plan for 3 months now. i am despondent because i have only lost 2 kgs. i eat very low amounts of carbs and the good fats. i have double cream yoghurt with a little honey for breakfast. For lunch eggs with bacon,chicken and mayo or yoghurt and honey. i have 1 cup of rooibos tea with cream. i drink a lot of water. supper is a meat dish with veggies like butternut, marrow ,mushrooms,green peppers and cabbage. what am i doing wrong?

    • Tommy says:

      For me honey is defiantly a no-no. It is sugar. I would honestly also try to cut the yoghurt and go really strict for a couple of weeks to get the fat burning process started. For me the butternut is to carby too.

      It may sound a bit dull eating strict, but I think it could be good to let the body adopt to a real low carb eating.


  68. elizabeth says:

    If I allowed to eat as many eggs as I want all day and need fat along with them, is it ok to have mayo with them and how much mayo?

    • Tommy says:

      I would say you can eat as many eggs as you like and eating them wit mayo is perfect.

      The amount of mayo to the eggs it really up to you. When I do some kind of mix I use 100 g of mayo to 3 hard boiled eggs.


  69. april says:

    Tommy could you please help me out how do you find a list on lchf and what to eat ,I would really like it get started on this,just don’t know how to start please help thanks

    • Tommy says:

      Well, the easiest way is to have a really strict goal when it comes to carbs. I always recommend to start strict to make it easy. So a lot of mayo and butter as sources for fat and then have fish/meat/chicken/eggs as source for protein. For veggis I recommend “only” broccoli, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage.

      To get an idea of what is ok just follow my blog… I post every day what I eat… 🙂


  70. Megan says:

    Great info. I’m just confused about how much protein I should be eating. I’ve used macro calculators and one says 136g and the other says 90g. I’m a 35yo female looking to loose. Thanks

  71. Hi Tommy,
    I am 50 years old & have had my thyroid removed 6 months ago (Graves disease), currently on meds post breast cancer.
    I, my husband & mother-in-law have all been following your diet & I am the ONLY one that does not have any loss! The others have all reached their goal weights & look fantastic but I am still fat (25 kg over)
    My Doctors both my GP & Oncologist just brush it off & suggest I will be ok later but this really depresses & upsets me.
    What can I do….please help.

  72. Sarah says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been looking into the LCHF diet for a little while and after reading some of the comments on here think I’ll give it a go.

    The only question I have is, at the risk of sounding like an alcoholic, what is a safe to drink?

    I’ve checked out diet doctor and that recommends whiskey, brandy, red wines, dry white wines/champagnes are a better choice and beer is out of the question.

    Can you add anything to this?


  73. Joy says:

    I started the LCHF diet the end of July since my blood sugar was elevated and cholesterol was high. I have lost 26 lbs so far. How much fat should I eat at each meal? Breakfast I have the most fat with bacon, eggs, cream, and butter. Is it ok to eat zucchini? I usually fix it with olive oil and add parmesean cheese to it. I have done the same with asparagus but like the zucchini better.

    • Tommy says:

      It is always hard to recommend the amount of fat. I would say low carb and moderate proteins and then fat to get “un-hungry”… For me this is normally for my once a day dish minimum 100 g of butter or mayo.

      Zuccini is ok but when eating really low on carbs it is a little to much. I prefer broccoli, spinach or asparagus.


  74. Yadbinder says:

    I am getting confused. I am diabetic type 1 for 20 years “taking insulin from the beginning”. Now i am 40. generally i dont follow any diet plans. I want to gain weight as i weight around 50 – 52 kg. as per my height it should be minimum 65 kg. i am 5 feet 7 inches. Here some of the guys saying they loose weight by following LCHF diet. What should i do to gain the weight?

    • Tommy says:

      LCHF is often a weight regulating diet. I know a lot of people gaining some weight. It is definitely no risk in loosing to much. I am not really sure what impact your diabetes type 1 have but from a weight perspective I do not see any risks. But please consult with your doctor before changing to much.


  75. kerri king says:

    hello tommy my name is kerri king and I live in Australia. im 48 years old and have just been diagnosed as having Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. I am overweight weighting in at approx. 110kgs and now do not drink or smoke. I have just found your site of LCHF and im so excited as usually diets have to have the foods I don’t eat. on this LCHF I have all the foods I eat and hope to lose weight which I hope will help with my bad joint pain. keep up the good works and ill post what happens to me .

  76. Elle Mercedes says:

    PLEASE HELP!!! I was just given the warning of prediabetes. My A1C level was 5.8% which is slightly higher than normal. I am not used to carb counting and finding so many different daily allowances online for diabetics. I am also a vegetarian (unhealthy right now . . . pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese are favorites. Although I try to eliminate dairy completely). I dont know what to eat. Should I stick to only fruits and vegetables? Im so confused please help. Diabetes is heredity in my family and I really need to lower my numbers.

  77. Elle Mercedes says:

    No, I do not eat eggs. I do enjoy tofu scramble.

    • Tommy says:

      Hmm, to be honest I do think it is quite hard to eat my kind of LCHF without the eggs and cheeses… I guess it is possible to get fat from good vegetable oils like olive oil and coconut oil but to get enough proteins and keep the carbs down is harder.

      But since you eat mac ‘n’ cheese I guess you do eat cheese? Or are there vegetarian versions?



  78. Elle Mercedes says:

    I love cheese. That’s the only thing that’s stopping me from being vegan. At times I try to go without it. But always find myself running back to it.

    • Tommy says:

      Ok, so with cheese you will get both good fat and proteins. A lot of people says that cheese from goat milk have “better” proteins but I have not noticed any difference. I eat the cheese I feel for… 🙂


  79. Rohit says:

    Hi. I apologize for the longish question in advance. Four years ago, I was binging pretty hard on carbs and was diagnosed with acute fatty liver disease and prescribed Vitorin. In the following six months I cut back on carbs and fats in a major way. I was eating fruits, vegetables and white/lean meat only. I lost about 85 pounds in the process and stopped taking vitorin. Unfortunately, I fell back into my old carb guzzling ways after a year and have gained about 100 pounds. Now I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and have gone back on my high protein no carb/fat diet over the last few weeks with good results. I am literally scared witless to try a LCHF diet. Do you know of any specific research on the effects of LCHF on pre-diabetics? Personal stories and experiences would help as well. I have done a lot of research online but there is a counter argument to every thing online and I am scared. Thanks!

  80. Iain says:

    Hello Tommy

    Excellent site.

    I started the LCHF diet about three weeks ago now. I have noticed a significant weight loss. A friend at work suggested it, but he’s on the ultra-low carb diet, ie, 5g or less per day. Trouble is, I’m quite fussy about my food. I have discovered things that are nil carb and taste great. But I’ve also read on diabetic websites that although this diet is good at cutting blood glucose as well as reducing weight, I should still maintain a few carbs in the diet. Currently I limit myself to 25-30g per day. I am quite strict about not going over 30, and it does appear to be working.

    Do you reckon there’s any problem with 30g?

    And, once I’ve lost the weight and got my glucose down, is it OK to increase the carb intake a bit, obviously not to stupid levels, but so I can enjoy a sandwich every now and again, or a piece of cake…?



    • Tommy says:


      I would say if 30g works for you I see no reason for tuning down but I think it is easier to eat lower. When trying to keep a quite “high” level it is harder to keep it there. But as I said, if it works for you its good.


  81. Claire says:

    Hi there, I have started LCHF woe 6 days ago today. A little background info – I haven’t eaten fats, oils, cheeses and cream (I have a slurp of milk in my daily coffee) etc: for about 7 months, instead going on a very minimal 500-700 cal “diet” eating mostly veggies, lean meats and fruit which had to be boiled or steamed. Whilst I lost weight it wasn’t enough for me. My question is, when do I stop feeling sick? I feel like I could chunder after every high fat meal and I know its because I’m not used to it.
    I also haven’t been to the toilet for you know what in these last 6 days. Your help would be appreciated.

    • Tommy says:

      It can take some time to get the body to feel comfortable. A couple of thing can help the negative early feeling when starting eating Low Carb High Fat. One thing is to make sure you get enough energy. So even if it can feel tough, eat more fat… One way to eat more fat without eating “pure fat” is to look at the food itself. Eat chicken thigh instead of breast, entrecote instead of sirlion. So choose the fatter parts of the meat instead of the leaner. It is most often cheaper too…

      Another tips I know helps a lot of people is to add a little salt to your drinking water.

      Good luck!


  82. mark says:

    Did you have anyone proof read this web page??? Bad grammer… but good ideas

  83. Goran says:


    I’m interested for examples and ratios on proteins and fats when working out 6 days per week for about 2-3 hours with heavy weights.

    So, im 190 cm and 97 kilos and i have quality lean mass but not to low body fat mass, about 12%.

    How can i keep the muscles without loosing them and get lower body fat (below 10%) with same of 97 kilos (or maybe more) and maybe gain some few kilos more?

    What about “perfect” ratio between fats and proteins and calory intake per day?

    Thank you!

  84. Gabriela says:

    I am a 37 years old female (English is my second language, so sorry for event. mistakes).
    I started LCHF about 3 weeks ago. The first 10 days the weight went down nice but after that time I started to gain it again. Actually I am heavier than before. I do not understand, I didn´t change a thing but it stopped working.
    I recon my body is in “ketose mode”, because of the symptoms in the first week (headache, heart palpitation).
    I don´t eat anything what has more than 5 g carbs/100g; no fruit, no pasta, no rice, no bread, no potato, not even cheese (because of the protein), no nuts. I eat mostly very fatty meats (lamb, duck, pork-belly), low carb veggies – spinach, broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, green leaves, cabbage with home made mayo (made without sugar); 36%fat sour cream, 56% Gippsland double cream, butter, 1 egg every second day, olives, grilled poultry skin.
    I watch my proteins (never more than 10-15% of the total daily food intake) but I am still gaining weight….do you have any explanation why?
    I must do something wrong!… it possible to overeat on fats even though LCHF is not about calorie intake?
    Considering I feel excellent on LCHF – I do not miss the carbs at all and I have plenty of energy, I´d like to stick to it…but I cannot keep gaining weight 🙁
    P.S.: I am always regularly exercising: 5.5Km slow jogging 3-4 times/week + lots of sit-ups.
    I would be very thankful for any helpful suggestions.

    • Tommy says:

      I would try to keep the carbs even lower for some time.

      Sugar in the mayo? Big no-no… 🙂

      I would say cheese is better than sour cream etc. There are a lot of carbs in cream when “counting” the total amount over the day. So try to keep of the creams a week or so.


  85. Gabriela says:

    Thank you so much, Tommy! Yep, I will do that, I swop sour cream for fatty cheese.
    This could have been actually the reason why I started to gain weight on LCHF; I have been eating about 300g sour cream every day (even the 36%fat one has 2.7g/100g carbs and it sumps up 🙁
    I made the maths: I have 25-30 g carbs a day, I´ll try to go lower.

    And no, no – of course no sugar in mayo – I wrote made without sugar 🙂

    I have one more question: How do you feel about sauerkraut instead of ordinary cabbage? The package says: >2g carbs/100g.

    Thank you and wish all the best for you and your wonderful blog 🙂
    Regards from New South Wales, Australia

  86. ingrid says:

    Dear Gabriela,

    I would say that you eat too much. I think 300g of sour cream a day is not normal quantity. I also think that the trick behind the LCHF diet is that if you add fat and protein and decrease carbs, you will need less food to feel satisfied. In America, it is common to overeat and people easy loose compass about what is the right amount of the food. People that I know who lost weight all claimed that they ended up eating less food…so do not go crazy with all those ingredients! Try to eat one egg with cheese and some jogh.. for breakfast, salad an 4oz of meat of fish for lunch, joghurt, and also 4 oz of meat or fish with veggies (size of one fist) for dinner plus some soft cheese size 2oz. The fact is that this should be enough. And drink water….

    • Gabriela says:

      Thank you for your comment Ingrid (are you German by any chance? :).
      Yes, too much sour cream wasn´t the best idea. I have cut the creams and started to lose weight again. And you are right, I can tell after several weeks I ended up with much less food, even without putting effort into it to eat less. I drink a lot of water.

  87. O. Krista Mokgosi says:

    Hello Tommy

    My name is Krista. I just started this diet today. I am a lil sceptical of the diet cause of the high fat but am gonna give a try to see. Man I’d be thoroughly bummed if it fattens me up. I am 5ft3 n weigh 143pounds so this worries me because am only 8.8 pounds from being overweight for my height. I have pear-shaped body so a lot of the weight is around the hips buttocks n stomach. I have been going to the gym for a month now n I haven’t lost any pound. I am so frustrated. I also think that my weight increased cause of the contraceptive pills I was taking too cause they made me gain weight. I stopped taking them about a month ago and I guess they’ve really messed up my hormones. I just need advice on what to make to help me lose weight. With the meats, do I usually need to fry them ? I wanna do the diet right n hope it’ll help me lose weight. Since am not so keen into cooking I wouldn’t even know how to start. And please let me know if I can lose some weight even if I’m not yet overweight?? Please help, desperate!



    • Tommy says:

      Sorry for the late reply…

      It is always hard loose on specific places on the body.

      It is hard to loose weight on LCHF if you are not really overweight. The diet is kind of a normalization diet. I would say that if you are not loosing weight you are still gaining a lot regarding overall health on a low carb diet.


  88. Al Merchant says:

    I just started on the LCHF. My queries after a lot of poring over the DietDOctor and many other qualified sources Like this one here.
    I want to understand one thing
    SHould I restrict calories and allow the weight loss/gain to kick?
    Should I aim for Optimal Ketosis?
    I am also uncertain on FAT FOOD choices.
    I prefer Double Fat cream over Butter
    I prefer Barbeque Meats
    I prefer Eggs
    Do not want veggies (too time consuming to prepare)
    I drink Coffee with MILk (unsweetened never liked sweetners too)
    Currently I am off sugar and carbs(wheat Rice etc) totally so whatever carb/sugar I get is from the Cream/Milk.
    I have 4 eggs with butter and some veggies for brekkie
    Have 2/3 coffees in a day each coffee is about 80ml
    Dinner is typically a portion of Lamb meat/chicken/ about 300gms cooked weight
    Any tweaks, I know i cant last like this for long but Just now i am all fired up to get into a weight loss mode and lose some weight.
    I weigh 130kgs(286lbs) and am 188cms(six feet 3,5 inches)
    My waist is close to 42 Inches
    Wide shouldered beefy guy with a protruding belly
    I can keep a similar regimen for 3 months at the most.
    Please advice PPL

  89. Kenny says:

    Dear Tommy,
    I start LCHF about 3 weeks ago after stopping taking statins. I am male 6’4″ weight 61kg. I decided to take on LCHF particularly for my chlesterol issue, not for weight loss. After 4 years of statin, my body fat is 30%, hence a significant decrease in muscle mass.

    For 3 weeks, i am having heart palpitation and increased heart rate from this new diet. I keep a very strict low carb diet. After some reading, as many other sources suggest that it might be low on low on pottasium, sodium and magnesium. I tried supplementing these but still the same problem. A few days ago, i realised that if i reduce my fat and oil intake, the palpitations seems to reduce. So, my best option now is to take smaller and more fequent fatty foods. However, i am still not able to lower my heart rate.

    Any advise would very much appreciated.


  90. Eman says:

    Hello tommy,

    i have been on this LCHF diet for almost two months now, and i haven’t seen any of the results that i hoped to see or at least a change. I have been on it daily along with some HITT exercise, but it seems that i either hit a plateau stage or it just doesn’t work.
    would truly appreciate if you could help me with this matter

  91. yongie says:

    For those of you not having success please find the keto calculator. This is a very useful tool especially if you don’t know how much fat, carbs, & protein you should be consuming on a daily basis.
    I started this life changing effort two weeks ago and have already dropped 10 lbs.
    I’m focusing on my fat in take but still minimizing my calories to no more than 1100, 14 carbs, 89 g fat, & 62 g protein! And you should be keeping track of everything you put in your mouth at first. I also track my glucose levels just to make sure I’m keeping it low. This way I know I’m burning fat!

  92. Laila Terra says:

    Hello Everyone on the LCHF diet!

    I’m on week 10 of my journey on the LCHF (Ketogenic diet) and I’ve chronicled my last 8 weeks on video with all the changes and also some additional advice to help those that need some additional wisdom of how things work and why certain things happen. Here is a link to my videos:

    Enjoy everyone and good luck on your health journey 🙂


  93. Karmyl says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I am new to the LCHF diet and I’m trying to be fit and toned. I gained 3 kgs over the past 12 months. I now weigh 48 kgs and only 5 ft. tall. How should I go about this diet without over doing it with fat? I have always avoided fatty food so imagine the dilemma I’m going through. Also, I do go to the gym 4 days a week. Can you recommend plausible and simple ways to do it? Thanks heaps.


  94. c says:

    I’m just starting LCHF – day 2 actually. Any tips/advice on good fat sources that are dairy free??? I use bacon, butter and avocado and coconut oil already but looking for some others that would be good. cream cheese is ok in small quantities but a lot of the snacks & toppings are shredded cheese or sticks that I am no able to eat regularly.


  95. Glenn Lygrisse says:

    I’ve seen reference to Skaldeman’s fish soup; however, I have not seen a recipe, can you help me here?

  96. Miller Putnam says:

    I’ve had great results with LCHF eating… and, more recently, great results in controlling my type 2 Diabetes. My question has to do with subtracting fiber grams to get the net carbs. I have found a tortilla that has about 24 carb grams but the net carbs are only 6 because of the added fiber. So, my question is how kosher is this? Can you just add fiber in a product (or recipe?) to make it qualify for my LCHF way of eating? To be more specific, Can I add psyllium (or another natural fiber) to steel cut oats to make them fall into my appropriate carb level.

    Thank you in advance for your insights.


  97. Tommy says:

    I would be careful on “fibers” some does have “impact” on bloodsugar so you have to try around a bit.

    Most of the “so called” low carb stuff with “low” net carbs are full of strange things so I would avoid them regardless of carbs or net carbs.. 🙂


  98. Talia Heron says:

    Good Evening

    First of all, you are totally amazing for replying to pretty much each and every one of the comments above. I have a few simple questions after reading all of the above.
    First of all, you go on about mayo! Please for the life of me what MAYO do you use? I live in WA Australia, is there one I can buy from the shop that’s actually ok or do you make your own? If you make your own, please I would love to know how and what you use?
    I would also like to know what your favourite food is? What you love to eat the most?

    I started at 90.2 and have lost 10kg on other “diets” but want a way of life not a diet. I lost 1.8kg in my first week. Hope this keeps up 🙂
    Thankyou – Talia

    Thanks for your amazing support.

    • Tommy says:

      Thank you! I do try to answer as much as possible.

      My favorite food is butter with all kinds of seasoning… As a side to the butter I really like pork chops or chicken.

      I make my own mayo 99% ot the time.

      My recipe is really easy:
      3 egg yolks
      3dl oil
      1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
      1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
      salt and white pepper

      I made a real time movie of me making my mayo last summer:

      In just about 2,5 minutes the mayo is done…


  99. Imraan says:

    Hi there, im a 15 year old boy with a rather muscular than fat body. i have some tummy fat that i would like to loose though.

    i weigh 110kg’s and im about 1.6 – 1.7 m tall.
    I really want to loose this weight because my goal is to end up with a ripped body.

    can you please give me some tips on my eating, what i should defiantly stay away from (excluding the stuff you mentioned) and how do i get to eat a lot of fat without eating protein?

    • Tommy says:

      I have a couple of friends who are really into fitness and low carbing so it is possible tog get “ripped” if thats your goal. I do not myself care much about looks so I am no expert. If you are working out a lot I think it would be bad for you to eat to little proteins so a normal level is probably best. When I try to eat good food and keep the proteins down I use meat with more fat. Eat salmon instead of tuna, chicken thighs instead of breast, minced pork instead of minced beef etc. This have more impact on proteins than you might think.

      If you increase the amount of fat you eat also makes you full quicker and you can keep the proteins to a normal level.


      • Imraan says:

        thanks that will help a lot because now i can separate what and what not to buy. One more thing tho? I use tortilla wraps as a replacement for bread and rice.

        Are these tortilla wraps high in carbs or should i continue using it ?

  100. ANAS says:

    is it okay if you dont workout during the diet??

  101. Joyce says:

    Is goats milk ok to have

  102. Lerato says:

    Hi Tommy

    It has been a months since I started the LCHF diet and i’ve lost about 7kgs. my concern is that i normally eat nuts for a snack in replacement of potato chips and sweet stuff and it seems like it slows the diet.

    Please advise?

    • Tommy says:

      It really depends on what kind of nuts. I do eat “brazilian nuts” sometimes. They are ok, Most other nuts are a bit to carby for me.


  103. Michelle Morris says:

    Hi Tommy, you look great for losing so much weight.
    I started on LCHF 18 months ago, I was not fat (only 128lbs and 5ft 4ins) but wanted to drop a dress size for a holiday. I lost 7lbs (proper fat not water) within a month but kept to the LCHF as a way of life as I enjoyed eating this way soo much, I love fat !
    As time wore on and as I was never hungry, I dropped down to 99lbs and 2 dress sizes. I thought I looked great but it wasn`t until I went on holiday this year and wore a bikini that my husband mentioned how skinny I looked. It was then that I took a good look at my body.
    I was now “skinny fat” with loose skin around my upper arms, legs and belly and as I dont go to the gym it was showing quite a lot.
    So while I was on holiday I endevored to put a bit more weight on by eating a few more carbs.
    All was ok and I managed to get back to 116lbs in quite a short space of time.
    Whilst on holiday I also stopped smoking altogether (I used to have 1 ciggy a day along with my e cigarette) I just felt I didnt want another analogue ciggy and havent had one since. That was 5 weeks ago.
    Now I am still eating the same LCHF food which I have eaten for the past 18 months but now weigh nearly 126lbs and am bursting out of my clothes.
    I think this proves how nicotine does help boost your metabolism, well mine any way.
    If I up my fat intake any more I will be living on Pork scratchings, chocolate (I make my own from butter, thick cream and cocoa powder) and cheese. What do you suggest ?
    Also, have you suffered with cramps and the “jitters” in your legs yet ? You will if you are low carbing for as long as me, I am sure.
    I take Alacer Electromix for this but I do find eating a Banana helps tremendously, even though they are full of carbs, what do you take. I tried magnesium and potassium tablets but didnt really get on with them.
    I hope you get time to answer me as I know you are busy with your job, it would be nice to talk to another low carber
    Kind regards

    • Tommy says:


      I would suggest going really low on carbs and try avoiding dairy for a couple of weeks. Cream contains more carbs than you think.

      I used to get cramps in my legs now and then but the last years it is gone. I have made sure I drink a big glass of water before going to bet. Not sure if it helps but at least the cramps are gone. I do not eat any magnesium or other “pills”.

      I would definitely remove the banana. Far to much carbs. Go for broccoli or avocado instead.


  104. yvonne says:

    New to Lchf and finding this site invaluable, defo my go to!
    I am 40 something female , have always been up and down from skinny to slim until now !! I just feel wider with stored fat around the middle. LCHF is definitely changing this, but I dont know if I am doing it “healthily and at this age i feel this is very important.
    I start work at 7am in my coffee shop. I have just a coffee or 2 from 5am until around 9.30/10am when I eat big bowl of Rocket, handful of mixed raw peppers ,2 boiled eggs, 2 slices of rindless bacon (just dont like texture of the rind) and a cut up chicken breast ) Somedays mushroom omelette with rocket spinach kale peppers tomatoes (sometimes sundried)
    And that satisfies me for the entire day, and I literally mean no more food that day unless I have a social occasion
    Is this ok for my age ie am I getting enough of the good stuff to keep my outside trim and my inside healthy

  105. Song Minho says:

    Hello. 🙂 I find your article extremely beneficial and I have been wanting to start a low carb high fat diet for some time now. But I seem to be struggling with what to cook with the ingredients I have. Do you mind sharing a few recipes? It will be of a great help. Thank you once again. 🙂

    • Tommy says:


      If you follow the blog you can see what I eat and now and then I do post detailed recipes. I normally cook pretty simple food som recipes are not always needed.


  106. /egan says:

    Keep in mind that the rate of mortality has become higher ever since we stopped consuming high fat animal products. Why? The stress hormones released into the animal’s body as they are killed are released into the muscles in which we later consume. Before humans easily had access to animal flesh, they had to hunt. Hunting does not have the same effect on the animal’s body because it doesn’t know it’s going to be killed. Steroids and growth hormones are also plenty when you’re consuming animal products.

  107. Kelly says:

    I just did the Nutrimost resonant frequency ultimate fat loss program. Basically, it consists of consuming two different proteins, two different veggies, and two different fruits per day, of no more than 500-700 calories daily, with NO oils/fats allowed (even in personal care products). I found it to be very similar to the HCG diet, albeit without the HCG. It requires frequent dosages of supplementation (which I had trouble keeping up with in my bust and hectic life). I managed to lose 25 lbs, but I suffered greatly from awful hunger pangs (which were all but absent when I did HCG).

    I am now in the “retrain” phase, and am trying the low carb, high fat way of eating. I have been told to consume 2500 calories daily and that I cannot go more than 2 lbs up or down from my last weigh in weight or I need to either add more calories (if under) or do a “steak day” with fasting until dinner time (for weight gain). My problem is that I seem to have to do a steak day every other day!

    I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Everywhere I look online, it says it is okay to include heavy cream, butter, coconut oil, & olive oil, but I don’t seem to be able to tolerate it. For example, yesterday I ate scrambled eggs and steak in coconut oil for breakfast, chicken and mixed veggies in coconut oil with some cheese for lunch, some walnuts for a midday snack, and ground turkey with kale sauteed in graas fed butter for dinner with a dessert of blueberries in whipped heavy cream. This morning I got on the scale to find that I gained 2.4 lbs!. Granted, I am currently menstruating, but I have a hard time believing that this is all just hormonal/water weight.

    Should I cut out all the cream and cheese? Am I using too much butter or oil? Are the blueberries a no-no? I’m so confused…

    The only positive I can say is that I am no longer starving all the time. I’m fairly certain that my portion sizes aren’t too big, so I don’t really think my calorie count is too high. Should I be concerned about the weight gain? As of today, I am 3.6 lbs up from my last weigh in. I definitely do not want to keep going up, as I worked so hard and suffered so greatly to lose every ounce to begin with.

    What to do?

  108. mdcris says:

    Hi! If I maintain the carbs around 30-40, and the calories below 1200. Can I still lose some weight? I want to lose about 4-5kg until the summer. Btw, the carbs are coming from vegetables (mostly) are from 1 tbs of oat bran (I find oat brean healthier than psyllium husk – done some research) . Thanks!

  109. Ella says:

    I have been reading so much on LCHF that I am confused! I am around 20 carbs a day….am I supposed to count the carbs in the fat I eat? I eat a whole avocado a day. I use butter on veg, coconut oil to cook my eggs in, mayo on my salads… that too much fat a day? I have protein, cream in my coffee & a stick of cheese a day. Losing very slowly! Any help is appreciated!

    • Tommy says:

      You can not eat to much fat… 🙂

      If you want to count yo have to count all carbs. Even the carbs in cream etc. A carb is a carb.

      Try cutting down on cream and cheese for a couple of weeks. Sometimes a “paus” from those can trigger a good trend.


  110. Bibha says:


    Nice snapshot of the LCHF diet. It looks doable for me as I love all forms of meat, full fat dairy products and nuts 🙂 However, completely abandoning roti or rice seems a bit difficult to do, especially during weekdays. I normally take two small size chapatis for lunch and a small serving of brown rice for dinner.
    Tell me if I need to substitute these with something else?? A little serving of brown rice should be ok…??!!?? I mean with what will I have my vegetables if not chapati ?!!?:p

    Warm Regards

    • Bibha says:


      After having gone though your story and this blog in whole, I just realised that I need to describe here that roti/chapati is form of indian bread made of while wheat …its a staple food which is taken with vegetables/meat. All in all, its very difficult to avoid and diet is India feels incomplete without roti/chapati 🙂

  111. The StressBunny says:

    Hi everyone! I discovered this blog/website after a google search. Its been really interesting reading everyone’s testimonies/experiences.

    So let me fill you all in my own details – and why I’m here: I’m 47, male, 1.68m tall, small-medium build. I regularly play sports (tennis/squash/rounders/cricket). I walk for at least 1 hour every day. But even that hasn’t prevented me from developing the dreaded tyre around the abdominal area. Nothing too vulgar mind you – not a car tyre – more of a bicycle tyre! My weight typically hovers around the 64kg mark. The BMI is typically around 22.5. All sounds reasonable, right ? Not quite. After xmas (2014) my total body fat was 22%, and visceral fat at 9. My biggest binges were on bead – morning, noon and night. Add to that a smattering of chocolate and wine – and well,you see the problem. So, I too took up the low carb-high fat diet, coupled with 3-4 times a week gym sessions. Like many others here, I too noticed rapid weight loss immediately. After 3 weeks, I went from 64.8kg to 61.4. That’s a loss of just over a kg a week!! My current total fat percentage is 19.4 and visceral fat is at 6.

    I would like my total fat percentage to be around 17% and visceral around 5. So I’m getting there. During these 3 weeks, my protein content has consisted primarily of fish and chicken, while the fat intake has come in the form of eggs, coconut milk, butter and cream. My carbohydrate intake per day is around 50 grams.

    My question is, of the fatty items I have listed, does coconut milk (not to be confused with coconut water) count as suitable fat for the LCHF diet ? Its not animal fat, but fat all the same. Any other tips/suggestions greatly welcome!

    • Tommy says:

      Hi! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the results!

      I would say the coconut milk/cream is good fat but for me 50g of carbs is way to much. I try to go under 5g a day. With a lot of coconut milk the carbs go up a bit. I do cook with coconut cream sometimes. It is nice and as I said the fat is good! Coconut oil is also a good product. I think some good fat from fish and animals could be good to get the omega distribution better.


  112. donna says:

    Hi.. im.4 days in now and it’s been great, although worried I might eat too much fat. I gently have eggs and bacon or eggs and avocado for breakfast. .tuna in sunflower oil salad with mayo and a few feta chunks 4 lunch ..almonds or raspberries as a snack and fish /chicken cooked in a butter or oil with a few veg or salad and a full fat dip or dressing or grated parmasan or chedder.
    .soya milk in tea .. how does that sound? ..

  113. Chris says:

    I’ve been doin low carb high fat eating experiment and measuring its influence on muscle mass increase, fat loss, weight loss and so on and have to admit it’s doing miracles:)

  114. Michael says:

    I’ve been on LCHF for 2 weeks now, 10 lbs lost! Mostly made sure to get very high quality food, grass-fed beef/eggs/cream/bacon, organic spinach, beef tallow for cooking, bone broth, etc. I’d like to add in the occasional snack but am leery about ANY sugar what so ever.

    For instance one of my sources of good grass-fed food offers a homemade breakfast custard, wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this:

    “Each custard contains six pastured soy-free eggs, local grass-fed sour cream, raw local honey (just 1 tsp per slice), organic fair-trade vanilla extract, Himalayan pink salt, and organic nutmeg.”

  115. Nicole says:

    Kale!!! 6g a cup… is that bad? I’m so surprised …its a green leafy veggie??? Should I be giving this up???

  116. Sarah says:

    Hi there, I’ve been doing the LCHF diet for 5 weeks, with 1 cheat meal a day, the first 2 weeks I lost a whopping 7Ib and 2inches from my weist and 2 inches from my tummy, how ever since then I have not lost anything else, I fact put a few pounds back on, I’ve been doing fasten cardio 3 times a week and 1 insanity class a week.
    Here is my diet….
    Breakfast : either protein shake with a tbl spoon of peanut butter or eggs with cheese or eggs with mackerel.
    Dinner : salad (lettuce, celery and cucumber) with tuna mayo or ham and Mayo or prawn and coals law, along those lines.
    Tea : a portion of protein, either fish, or chicken or steak(melted cheese with my steak) and 2 portions of veg, either broccoli, peas, asparagus, etc…..when I have chicken for tea I have a tbl spoon off peanut butter after for my fat portion

    Could I be maybe taking in too many carbs or not enough fat??
    Please help as I’m working my ass off, dieting like mad and getting no results. Thanks

    • Sarah says:

      1 cheat meal a week not a day :0)

    • The StressBunny says:

      Workouts/regular intense exercise will mean greater water retention. In addition, you may be building muscle too – hence the weight gain. If you have access to one of those total fat/visceral fat scales (they look just like bathroom scales, except you have a handle part and metal contacts) then it will tell you your total % fat loss and total %muscle gain. But more than likely, the extra water intake is contributing to the overall weight gain.

      Diet looks OK – though rather higher on protein than fat.

  117. Nixeal says:


    Please refer to this sweet cooking chocolate:

    The total carb count is listed at 16g/100g! I just tasted it and found to be very sweet…
    I am confused, is this info correct?

    Anyway, I just blended 100ml whip cream with 1 square of this chocolate… Great taste but doubtfully sweet.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  118. Markus says:

    Hi Tommy, I would like to ask a question if it is safe for me to go on LCHF. I am 34 years old and 1.85 m tall. and I weigh 103 kg. My cholesterol is slightly above recommended maximum of 5mmol/L. It is around 6 mmol/l and my doctor advised me to go on a low-fat diet. She recommended me to lose some weight and to cut down on amounts of animal fat, butter, meat and dairy products. But I wanted to try the LCHF diet to lose weight, however I am afraid since I don’t know what will happen to the cholesterol levels .

    • Tommy says:

      I have checked my cholesterol levels every year ans since I started eating a lot more animal fat and LCHF the numbers have gotten better. Total slightly higher but the good cholesterol is really good and the bad less and less. So no worries. It’s ot the fat that increases the cholesterol, it’s the carbs… Kind of…


  119. John says:

    Hi Tommy,…
    I always seemed to have a weight problem,.no matter how much I exercised it didn’t seem to make much difference and even when it did,the weight came back more..
    I have been trying this hflc eating for around 10 days now,.and will carry on.Its the only way that has worked for me.I always have had very sweet tooth and amazingly it seems to have vanished.I have had to get a belt for my trousers,as they literally falling down my legs.I’m just amazed at the change,I just cant believe it.Its like U can feel my body now,a lot firmer after such a short time.
    I have just been eating lots of high fat,.mixed salads with lashing of mayo,a lot of oily fish!!
    I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, so it lasts long term.I have felt a bit tired, stiff and achey,past two days,but I’ve read this passes just persevere.But,.I have also have a feeling of calmness and wellbeing too!!
    Great that I found your site and will be reading to learn more,.

  120. Isolde says:

    Day 2, feeling the blegh set in. It doesn’t last too long, hey? Apart from that, it is going well. Can definitely see this as a way of life.

  121. Mike says:

    Howdy Tommy,
    I tried the Adkins diet years ago but could not seem to get in ketosis. I have been on the Whole30 for 15 days now. It is low carb and seems to be low fat also. No dairy at all. Do you know anything about this plan? I am going to finish it but think I will add the fats when it ends. do you know of any charts I can download that will tell me the carbs in things like beef, pork, chicken, fresh veggies and fruit?

    • Tommy says:

      To get into ketosis you do need the fat. If going low on carbs you also need to get energy form something and fat is the most effective source. So up the fat… 🙂

      I use an app on the phone called lifesum. Not sure if it is available in English, but I think so. There you can register what you eat and get the nutritions for an entire day/meat etc.


  122. Justine says:

    I’ve been doing LCHF for 8 weeks and while I have been losing weight slowly (Im 171cm and weigh 62kilos) I have very limited energy. I log all my food into MyFitnessPal so I can check my nutrients and macros which are usually 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs. The only thing I can think off is that I’m not eating enough calories as I exercise most days and my calorie count is 1200-1500 per day. I don’t know how to eat more , esp as one is supposed to limit protein, and have even taken to regularly eating tablespoons of coconut oil. The only day I had energy was after a work do where I carb loaded and ate a huge amount.
    I want to keep eating LCHF but need help be Jase Im just knackered.

    • Tommy says:

      The energy distribution looks ok. I have just started with more systematic exercise myself and I do feel I need more energy than before. Not sure how you could increase but I know that a lot of people drink “bulletproof coffee”. This is coffee mixed with butter and/or MCT (or coconut oil). This is a good way of getting energy without really eating anything.


      • Justine says:

        Hi, thanks. I do have bullet proof coffee but more as a meal substitute in the morning if no time or not feeling like breakfast. Maybe I will make it a staple in the avo altho worried about sleep as that’s bad enough as it is. Thinking I might go to a nutritionalist too.

  123. Maria says:

    Hi Tommy,
    Thanks for all the information. I have a question that bothers me a lot since I started LCHF. I feel incredibly hungry most of the time. It’s been a week already and this hunger is not going away though I eat whenever I have a chance. It goes up to 5 times a day. I am definitely not eating too much carbs (only vegetables, some greens and Brazil nuts), probably too much protein but I can not avoid it as I am so hungry most of the time, I eat too often and I don’t want to be just eating pure oil/butter (feels disgusting to me somehow). I’m also sure that my stomach is ok, I don’t have this habit of snacking all the time, usually I eat in moderation. But now I feel so awful and weak, I nearly fainted on my 4th day, I started to sweat more, and I’m so hungry most of the time, like half an hour after I are quite a big meal, and also feel very very heavy in stomach. Because of the immune problems I’ve been taking blood tests every 2-3 months for last 6 years, and I’ve always had quite low blood sugar. Does it mean that this diet is not suitable for me? Or should I stick to it anyway and wait?

  124. Royston says:

    Hi Tommy,

    what kind of cream, butter, yogurt and cheese do you recommend for LCHF diet ?

    • Tommy says:

      As fat as possible. Preferably from grass fed beef. I do not eat yogurt at all and when I get cheese (to often) I go for the really low carb cheeses like parmesan or other “hard” cheese.


  125. Sonia says:

    Finally found a genuine website .Tommy is patient answering QTS …I am 51weigh 66kgs hit a plateau .have no energy to excersise feel hungry all the time am borderline diabetic.started plan today pls give me breakup of fat protein for my weight I am 154.5cm

  126. anas says:

    is it ok to have sunflower oil?
    can i lose 7-8 kgs per week?if yes how?

  127. Sue says:

    Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for the info! question though…can I eat kidney beans and lentils on this diet?
    i love them!!!!!!

  128. Jenny says:

    Hi Tommy!

    I really admire you on how you prepare your daily meal plan. am doing LCHF diet and been wondering if eating the Following will affect my weigh-loss program:
    >Greek yogurt
    >Coffee with cream and butter
    >2 pcs small cucumber / day
    >2 pcs triangle cheese as a snack / day

    and also is it advisable to eat 12pm onwards till 8pm but only when hungry and after 8pm i can’t eat anything till 11:59 am( but i can drink coffee tea and water)

    please give me response regarding this…

    Thanks a lot,

  129. Andrea says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I’m 210 pounds, gaining weight every year, and I’m miserable – sick, tired, depressed, and hungry all the time. My doctors tell me I am heading quickly towards Type 2 diabetes and that I have bad cholesterol readings. I have followed the low-calorie, low-fat diet that they have recommended, but I just keep gaining weight. They tried to put me on Metformin for insulin resistance – I thought I was going to die from a heart attack that first day due to heart palpitations, and I immediately stopped taking that. I’m scared they’re going to try to put me on Lipitor before too long if I don’t reverse this steady weight gain.

    So why not try exactly the opposite of what convention tells me? What do I have to lose (except about 100 pounds of adipose tissue)? I’m ready to get this LCHF diet under way!

    You are an inspiration to me – I saw your story on the Diet Doctor website. Thank you so much for posting your pictures of food – they have really helped me start training my brain to start recognizing what it really wants instead of the high-carbohydrate diet that I’ve been eating most of my life. I am salivating at the thought of real food with lots of satisfying fat, and I’m more than willing to ditch those unsatisfying low-fat, high-carb, fakey foods to get to a happier, calmer, less hungry place in my life.

    Your meals seem to be simple and straightforward. I like the fact that I don’t have to wade through a lot of confusing recipes to eat in a LCHF manner.

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I hope to join you some day on the success story side!

    Thank you and please keep those pictures coming!

  130. Sherrie says:

    I am currently starting this LCHF. It does not mention fruit. Just curious if fruit is ok!

  131. Arunima Dasgupta says:

    Tommy , hi myself arunima, age 64, diabetic from last 23 years. After taking 4 times insulin a day I thought giving a try to lchf diet.will u help me by giving me a diet plan? My Hba1c is 6.5. If u require any specific information I will provide. Thanks.

    • Tommy says:

      I am not medically trained so I cannot really give you any good recommendations but you can try to just cut down on carbs and monitor your Hba1c closely while decreasing the intake. I would recommend you to read as much as you can on about diabetes and low carbing.

      If you want to eat really low on carbs you can use my blog as some kind of plan. I try to be quite strict. The only problem is that some might think my variation in food is a bit non existing… 🙂


  132. Anthony Storino says:

    I am new to this. Have not started yet. I have a history of high cholesterol, hing blood sugar and hing blood pressure. My concern is about plaque in my arteries.
    I know it works because years ago, I did the Atkins Diet – 30+ years ago. Long before I had health issues. Will this type of diet effect plaque buildup?

    • Tommy says:

      I am no doctor so I cannot really give you advice on the plaque from a medical perspective. If I look at my own cholesterol I have better composition between the LDL and HDL and from a very basic perspective this should not increase plaque. Larger particles do not get stuck in the arteries as easily as smaller ones. But, again. I am no doctor so do not take this as medical advice.

      You can


    • BobM says:

      What I’ve found is that blood pressure reduces on this diet. I have lost 10+ systolic points of blood pressure. I use both low carb, high fat and intermittent fasting (which Tommy does by only eating 1-2 meals per day).

      As for “cholesterol”, this is a confusing area. I’d recommend The Great Cholesterol Con, by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick:

      You can get his book through a number of sources, such as Amazon.

  133. nicole says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for some answers… Really hoping you can help!

    I suffered with adrenal exhaustion last year and managed to clock up 20kg in 3 months. In Jan I started watching what I ate but figured my alcohol consumption oN weekends was causing a lack oF shift in my weight. I went for every test under the sun was put on progesterone and GABA. Every other test result was perfect.

    My colleagues had been ‘banting’ (LCHF) for almost a year, and lost substantial amounts of weight. I started to follow the plan strictly in Sept and have been following a LCHF diet for almost 8 weeks now and I seem to loose 2kg and then a few days later My scale is +2kg. Since I’ve started dieting, I’ve also started some cardio and very limited strength training. In the beginning I lost 3kg on my 7 day meal plan which consisted of the following;
    Breakfast : Smoothie – 1/2cup coconut milk, 1 TBLS almond butter, protein powder and cinnamon / 2 eggs 1/2 Avo 30g Feta
    Lunch: 90g Salmon, 1cup salad + 1 TBLS coconut oil , 10 almonds.
    Dinner: burger pattie, full cream cottage cheese, 1/2 Avo.
    Every Sunday I would have 1 cheat meal usually a burger / LC pizza, followed by an 18hr fast.
    About 4 weeks ago I stopped loosing weight so I’ve now adapted my meal plan to NO cheats and hardly any if any carbs. I’m swimming 2km 3x a week, 45min cycling 2x a week and 1 day of strength training. I drink about a bottle of wine a week and drink loads of water with1/2 lemon per day and have green tea and coffee daily. I’m yet to see any change on the scale…. Could you possibly tell me if I’m doing something wrong??? I’m really becoming despondent and wondering if my body functions better on HPLF???

  134. Hi colleagues, how is all, and what you desire to say concerning this post,
    in my view its truly remarkable in support of me.

  135. obsolete says:

    Some opinions expressed on this article could also be these of a visitor creator and never essentially Search Engine Land.

  136. Mark says:

    Hi Tommy, wanted to make one correction about protein going to fat. It is not possible because in order to store fat there absolutely must be an insulin response and nothing except carbs (glucose) causes an insulin response. I am a nurse with a lot of A&P under my education probably as much as a doctor and this is just the way the human body works. Extra protein is removed from the body as waste, same as fat. But too much fat intake will make it so you do not burn your own stored fat because it is in your diet and you do not need to get it from your stored fat tissue. I do agree with double your carbs every 10 days to keep your body guessing and to continue loosing fat and weight.

    • Tommy says:

      Not really sure if I wrote that excess protein turns into fat. From what I have learned some excess proteins can be turned to glucose and trigger insulin. I’ll se if I can find the ref for it. I might be wrong too… 🙂


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  138. Mark says:

    Sorry Tommy I did not mean to say you said protein turns to fat, it was a response by Terri to someone that has not continued to loose weight. Here is what happens on the low carb diet. Your own body will combine fat and protein to make carbs but only as needed for fuel for your body and no more. So fat or protein can never be stored as body fat since there is no insulin response and excess carbs formed except what is going to be immediately used for fuel. But too much fat in your diet will stop you from loosing the weight you want because your body does not have to use its own fat stores to combine with protein to make the glucose your body needs for fuel. But you still need to have a good amount of fat in your diet to continue to loose weight and stay on this diet otherwise you can not maintain this diet because of cravings. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Mark

    • BobM says:

      Mark, I think protein causes an insulin response (and there’s some evidence fat might, too, although it’s not clear how much of one). I lost about 20-25 pounds on low carb after over a year. I was losing weight, but very slowly. I realized that my insulin resistance was possibly causing me to stop losing more weight. To overcome this, I discovered I could increase my fat intake and decrease my protein intake (causing less of an insulin response) or do intermittent fasting (not eating breakfast or lunch or breakfast and lunch or even not eating for a day or more). I ended up doing both. And, I’ve lost another about 30 pounds that way.

      I think for those of us with a lot of insulin resistance, we have to somehow correct that. I was eating low carb, but I was eating 5-6 times a day. Each time, I’d get an insulin hit, and that insulin hit did not allow my insulin levels to drop. For those of us where our insulin resistance is very high, just eating low carb might not be enough to break that insulin resistance.

      Now, it may have been that if I’d simply upped my fat content and lowered my protein intake, I could’ve increased my weight loss. Unfortunately, I did both intermittent fasting and increased my fat content. So, I don’t know which is the better idea, although I do believe intermittent fasting has changed my life. I no longer eat breakfast, for instance, except on rare occasions. I’ll skip other meals, too. Right now, I’m starting the year off with a 7 day fast (not eating anything for 7 days). I know that can sound crazy, but I don’t plan on doing this often, and it really does seem to help “reset” my insulin resistance.

      Tommy does a version of intermittent fasting, as he only eats one-two times a day.

      If you want more information on the theories behind intermittent fasting and protein causing an insulin response, see this website:

      If you have the time, his lectures are good. I don’t believe in everything he says, but I think he got the vast majority correct.

  139. Ata says:

    Hey Tommy! Thank you for this I’m really excited to try it out, I’ve started a diet a week ago and was calculating only based on calories (tho was eating healthy food) now that I’ve calculated what I’ve eaten through the week I realised I’ve been shooting up carbs like no other! And the fat range was quite low, now during my diet i haven’t eaten any of the things you mentioned not to eat (except for brown bread thinking it was actually good) but I was eating mostly salad during my lunch time

    I’m really trying to get a better idea on what to precisely eat and I’ve tried googling diet plans for LCHF diet but they’re all mentioning the same what to eat and what not to eat things, I’d quite appreciate it if anyone who’s successfully done/is doing the LCHF told me of their diet plan and the meals they usually have on breakfast, lunch, and supper

    Thank you!

  140. Heema Arya says:

    Hi, I have undergone so many surgeries. hystectomy has been done. Overies have been removed. High BP and Cholestrol. what kind of food shoild I take to reduce weight as I m 82 kg and 5.3 inch in height. Please advice me as I m desperate to loose weight. Please help.

  141. Ashli says:

    Outstanding entry! I found it very worthwhile. I’ll check back later to see if more posts are

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  144. Hani says:

    Is this to say that on a 1200 calorie diet you recommend about 300 calories from protein, a few from carbs and all the rest from fats?

  145. Daniel says:

    I just wanted to ask how do you get proteins?
    Are you using some supplements?
    How do you get amino accids if you don´t eat potatoes?
    Do you have some cheat meals?
    I heard you shouldn´t go under 100g of carbs per day so how are you doing that ?

    Thanks for answers

    • Tommy says:

      I get my proteins from beef, pork, chicken and fish…

      I sometimes take vitamin D supplements.

      I get the amino acids I need from the food I eat. I do not eat potatoes at all.

      Nope, no cheat meals.

      You heard wrong. You do not need to eat any carbs at all.


  146. Matt says:

    Hi There,

    If people are interested they can come over here and we can provide assistance in the Real Meal Revolutions LCHF banting way….

    We are there to help people along their LCHF journies….

    • mic says:

      i joined this group in fb and in just half a day i saw them bullying and intimidating members if they do not hold the same opinions and accusing them of being disrespectful when all they did was having a mind of their own to be flexible with their food, and worst of all, banning people who do not uphold their strict food guidelines to a T. I have not seen a group of admins as aggressive as this.

  147. Simi says:


    I am currently breastfeeding a dairy intolerant baby who gets all her dairy intake from me. As such I was wondering if it will be okay to take lactose-free milk on this diet as I have been told no milk products whatsoever? Also will full fat but sugar free yoghurts be alright?

    Thank you

  148. michelle says:

    Hi Tommy on the 29th april i started the low carb high fat diet, based on a 1400-1600kcal daily, i weighed 890 at 164cm and age 38. i steadily lost 0.5 kg per day on first 3 days and on the 4th i constipated. i was great in the bowel movement everyday before the diet until the 4th day of the diet. my weight started creeping back to 90kg after the 2 kg weight lost which really bums me out!
    my food log so far is below:
    9am 4 fried eggs in butter
    12pm 1 chicken thigh grilled with skin on
    3pm 1 chicken thigh grilled with skin on
    6pm 4 fried eggs in butter
    snack 23 almonds

    1) i know theres not much fibre going on but i take oats for fibre, is it ok to take oats and mung beans though they are carbs?
    2) does my diet look ok to u, or too much protein?

    Thank you and i would so appreciate your advise, im desperate for some now

    • Di says:

      Hi Michelle you may be getting constipated due to lack of fiber from vegetables. There are no vegetables on your list of foods you eat, why not? You are also probably not having enough fat and way too much protein, this is not very balanced as far as LCHF goes and not to mention a little repetitious in relation to variety. If I ate 4 fried eggs for breakfast I would not be able to eat anything until at least 2 or 3pm and that would be something lighter than chicken. Then my dinner would not be until 7pm. Unused protein converts to glucose in the liver = carbs (with no fiber).
      Oats and mung beans are not really part of a LCHF plan. You also don’t mention if you are active or not. Regular movement/exercise helps prevent constipation. Make sure you stay hydrated.

      I would try this, you are slightly taller than me.

      *2 fried eggs, 1 fried tomato and/or 2-3 cups baby spinach (fried) or 1/2 cup cucumber and 1/2 avocado

      *1 grilled chicken thigh OR grilled/canned salmon OR leg ham with a large mixed green salad, blend the other half of avocado with 1-2 tbls apple cider vinegar OR lemon juice ground black pepper and salt and pour over salad

      *Piece of grilled fish, chicken, beef, pork or turkey, 3-4 cups vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, onion, capsicum. (steam or M/W broccoli, cauli & beans, pan fry in butter/ghee/coconut oil the onion & capsicum) you could add a little cream cheese or grated cheese to veggie on your plate.

      I don’t know about you, but that’s making me hungry. More variety, less protein, more fiber and better balance

      *1/4 cup of nuts once a day if hungry OR 1/2 – 1 cup berries with 1 tbls double or pure cream

      • michelle says:

        Thank you for the reply and advice. We have a shortage of avocado here and its super expensive even if they are available everyday. U mentioned i am not having enough fat, i thought i was taking eggs and chicken for the fats clearly i was wrong. Could u suggest what other sources of fats i should look for besides avocado and nuts and fish?

        • Tommy says:

          Butter… or mayo 🙂


          • michelle says:

            how much butter can i eat a day? any limit?

            p.s. i watched a youtube vid of u using rapeseed oil to make mayo.. i thought rapeseed is inflammatory?

            • michelle says:

              i am still looking forward to yr reply

              • Tommy says:


                I would say there is no real limit but you will get pretty satisfied after 150-200g of butter… When I make seasoned butter I normally use 100g.

                I do try to use 50% olive oil but I have not found any good tasteless oil to replace the rapeseed. There are worse good oils but also better ones.


                • michelle says:

                  i see, so it was the tastelessness of the oil which drew u to it.. i’d rather use other oils like coconut and butter even if they come with taste, as rapeseed is really not good for u, its gmo and its pro inflammatory, if u havent know about it. 🙂 I will try to consume more butter some way somehow.. just weird to be munching on butter.. frying eggs in butter dont get the butter IN the eggs, its left in the pan.. i probably might have to melt it in my soft boiled eggs and drink all in. Thank u

  149. Dinesh Kumar says:

    I recently came to know just one month back, that I have a type 1 diabetic, m just 27 year old..having only 57kg weight is continues going down..its reduce from 62 to 57..kindly advice to gain weight according to my height..I am 5’10” long…

    For prescription I am taking insulin do survive.. 10 unit mrng 6/unit evening of novomix 70.30


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  154. Kevin says:

    I started the LCHF diet three weeks back and so far I’ve lost 8 lbs and do not feel and adverse effects. However I am worried that I’m not getting the balance right even though I eat what seems to be a sensible meal e.g. in the morning it would be two scrambled eggs in butter with some cheddar cheese added. I don’t feel in the least hungry during the day and save for a little snack about 14:00 (cream and small handful of blueberries) I don’t eat again to 19:00. For diner I normally would have some meat (chicken, steak, lamb, pork) a vegetable for example a few days back I had half a cauliflower with cheese sauce
    My concern arises from starting to use the MyFitnessPal app it’s shown up that I’m getting far to little protein. I had set my goals at:
    Carbs 50g; Fat 99g Protein 90g
    But results over the past few days has really got me asking questions. (The spike in today’s fat wat that I pigged out on a combination of double cream and full fat soft cheese and some blueberries.)
    Carbs today 15 – yesterday 12
    Fat 172 – 58
    Protein 88 – 42
    Can you suggest what I should do to up the intake of protein as I assume that is a very important part of the diet.

    • Tommy says:

      To increase the protein you can add a couple of more eggs. Otherwise as long as you are between 50 and 100 I wouldn’t worry about the protein.



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  157. C.Armeni says:

    Hi i am interested in starting the LCHF diet again and take it seriosuly but wanted to ask whether it good to consume almond Drink? I cannot take any lactose so I do not drink milk but i am buying this plant power drink of almond and coconut and was whether its good or not? Thanks alot! Im quite obese so im just hoping that it does work :)!

    • Tommy says:

      Not really sure how much carbs there is in the almond drink. My guess would be it is too much for me. What does the package say about the ingredients and nutritions?


  158. Jasmeen says:

    Hello am jasmeen n am a feeding mother. I have delivered a baby girl in Jan. Before pregnancy I am 53 n after delivery am 68. I want to loose post pregnancy weight. Can you help me.

    • Tommy says:

      Well… Try to get as low carb as possible. To be honest I do not myself have any experience feeing babies… 🙂 But I would say real low carb and high fat works for everyone.


  159. ls says:

    hi, did you ever heard somebody got a heart disease because of the diet? i am 30 yrs old i started the diet 1 year ago, i am currently having chest pains i am not sure if this is a problem, my diet consist of mainly coconuts, veggies and chicken.

  160. Gabby says:

    Hi tommy. So I was just wondering I am just starting this diet and I am active I do cross country and I was wondering if I do this low carb diet will it effect my running I don’t want to be slow or anything or drained during practice. Also since my body is eating the fat will it eat the fat in my stomach and that’s it like in all honesty I don’t want it to take the fat anywhere else like my butt or thighs because I’m fine with those it’s just my lower stomach I want to go away. Can I target it with lower abdomen workouts or no?

    • Tommy says:

      If you eat low on carbs and high on fat you will be “ketogenic” and burn fat for your primary energy source. So the energy while running should not be a problem. If you do run really short and explosive distances (under 400 meters I guess) you might not be as fast as you are used to. But for longer distances I think you can be as fast as before.

      I am not very experiences in pin-pointing “fat removal workouts”.


  161. ls says:

    Do you count how many percent saturated fat you eat ?

    • Tommy says:

      When I look at the last week I can see that out of the fat I eat is about 25% saturated fat. I do not really look at this but I might do fore some time…


  162. Sheila says:

    Hi Tommy, can you give me a link to ur blog pls?

  163. Molly says:

    Hello Tommy,
    I’ve been having seizures and I was wondering if LCHF would help prevent them or minimize them. If so what should I do not to lose too much weight?


    • Tommy says:

      I do not know what seizures you have but I would not really think that eating LCHF would worsen the seizures. My guess would be with a stable bloodsugar levels and low gluten intake could have an positive effect.

      I have not heard of anyone loosing to much weight on LCHF. It is mostly a “weight normalizing” “diet”…


  164. Yinette says:


    Do you still repply to the messages?

    Im a bodybuilder and I doing my research because I wanted to start adding more fats to my diet and less carbs, but I also need to be able to keep or build muscle when needed.

    I was looking at the numbers and I believe that doing 5% carbs 35%protein and 60%fats could work. I mean, Ill play around with the numbers to see what works for me. Do you have any imput or suggeations?

    Thank you!

    • Tommy says:

      I try to answerer to messages. I have had some problems with spam lately so I might miss some comments…

      I do not have that much experience with bodybuilding but I would still recommend going higher on fat. Try too keep the carbs below 10g instead of below 5%. The extra energy needed can be put into fat and proteins.


  165. Emily says:

    I have a question. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 (and by recently, I mean 7/23). I am on an oral medication taken every morning, but my numbers haven’t been coming down. My Dr. told me to keep checking sugars, but don’t looks so much at the numbers right now until I go see the nutritionist. My numbers are steadily staying within 230’s-(today’s after breakfast number)296. I’m 115lbs, so losing weight isn’t my goal, more of maintaining a healthy weight and bringing my numbers down. I try to keep my carbs down below 20g per meal/15g per snack. Would a LCHF diet help me? Or would it not?

    • Tommy says:

      Everyone would benefit from eating LCHF. If you as a diabetic type 2 starts cutting the carbs down to under 20 g per day would help keeping the sugar levels down. At you can rean a lot more about diabetes and LCHF.


    • Aaron R says:

      Hi Emily
      I too was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and for the first year I thought I could maintain my sugars by following the food plan I was given. Unfortunately this didn’t help my diabetes at all and I continued to struggle with my sugar control. My doctor increased my metforim tablets to 4 per day. This prompted me to try Lchf and it was the best decision I have ever made regarding my health. My sugars are almost at normal non diabetic levels after 3 months. Ive lost 16 kgs in the same time. My doctor is quite stunned at the turn around. Give it a go its the easiet eating plan ive ever done

  166. steve-o says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I read that you put butter (and coconut oil) in your coffee. I’ve tried the coconut oil (instead of sugar), and it’s definitely good.

    I have a hard time letting whole milk (3.25) go, and still using it. but maybe it impacts the goal of LCHF which is to get in ketogenic state. does that impact the ‘diet’ that much, or is a little “acceptable”?

    Tack så mycket!

    • Tommy says:

      If you only use a little milk in your coffee I would say it is ok.

      Yea, the “bulletproof coffee” is quite nice. I used to think it was better before but I got a bit bored. Nowadays I only put 2 tablespoons of MCT-oil in my first cup of coffee in the morning.


      • steve-o says:

        Thanks for your input Tommy.

        Also, just want to say I am grateful for you putting your experience with LCHF, as well as link/reference to It has answered many questions, as well as initial ‘reservations’ about increasing fat!

        Tack, igen (used to live in Sverige).

        • Tommy says:

          “Tack” is probably the first word you learn in Sweden. We use it for both “thank you” and “please”. An in response to other “tacks”… Etc… 🙂


  167. Sybil says:

    Hi, Tommy/everyone!
    I’m brand new to lchf, but have done Atkins for a few weeks. I am 61 female, and 50 lbs over weight. I did lose 12 lbs when I began, but have lost not an oz in 6 weeks. Could you tell me an ‘average’ equation for c/f/p? I’ve read that protein should be around 25%, but what % for carbs and fat? And, IS that right re the protein? Thanks for any/all help. I’ve bummed as * not losing in so long.

  168. Kavita says:

    Can we have an Indian LCHF list?
    What about lentils, kidney beans etc.? And any veggies we need to avoid? As we eat a lot of veggies in every meal. Sometimes with freshly grated coconut added..

  169. Eric says:

    Long time reader.
    I use to weigh over 360 and now 178
    Basic the same LCHF
    I change from one to two meals
    The Salk I institute has great research on time restricted feeding out of doctor Panda lab. Have you seen the YouTube talks?
    I Wonder how. Much of the results is low carb and how much is time restricted feeding? But replacing fat with carbs makes no sense to me.
    I usually eat eggs or ground beef or salmon with butter and cauliflower.
    Black coffee.
    I use to have butter or cream but now. Eat the fat with meal.

    • Tommy says:


      I will start an experiment the coming weeks. First I will fast for 3-4 days and then I will start having two meals a day. Probably brakfast and dinner.


      • Eric says:

        Why? Your one meal seems to have worked well for you.

        Based on Salk
        Papers from doctor panda the reduced window has. Better lab Insulin triglycerides etcetera. The 8 hour window had better results but the trends Maybe six or two hours or eight or less.
        I will let you know. For me twice in eight hour s works. Eric

  170. Eric says:

    Tommy. If you like to try eight hours you might try 9:40 am and 5:40 pm as an eight hour feeding window. Stockholm solar noon minus 3 hour’s and plus 5. I am not so exact but. Stick to 8 hours based on Salk institute’s lab work. Eric

  171. Kenny says:

    Hello all

    I actually had my gallbladder remove because of complications. I wonder what’s your (Tommy or anyone who has information) on doing lchf without a gallbladder.

  172. Venisa Doraisingam says:

    Are we allowed to have milk and honey? What would a good healthy breakfast be like on this diet?

  173. You can learn about the basics of the LCHF diet in my video interview of Donal, Producer of Cereal Killer on our adventure hub:

  174. chioma ugwu says:

    Hi. Will like to join the group chat for the diet plan.

  175. chioma ugwu says:

    I also will like to know if this plan can clear fibroid

  176. Lynne says:

    I’m allergic to dairy…can I still do this diet with out dairy?

  177. Robertani says:

    More confusion! I just read that tomatoes should be very limited or avoided because they are fairly high in carbohydrates. Now, you are saying eat them as part of a low carbohydrate eating plan.

  178. Louisa says:

    I lost 3 lb in my first week. Im about a week into this lchf experiment.
    I am peeing a lot. And felt flu like at first. But my baby is happy and eating just fine.
    Im breastfeeding, so keeping my carbs about 50 g.
    My carbs are mainly coming from papaya and raw honey.
    And a bit from a probiotic wayer kefir drink.
    Im putting heavy cream in a lot of things. Putting bernaise sauce on all the cauliflower im eating. Lots of sunflower and chia seeds.
    Im looking for meal ideas. Its making me too full for breakfast. Is this ok?

  179. Chatar Patar says:

    Hi there, after reading this amazing paragraph i am also cheerful to share my experience here with mates.

  180. Laura Baxendale says:

    I am diabetic so how much protein is good for me? I am a little confused on if it is true that it turns to glucose. Thank you.

    • Tommy says:

      Yes, protein do turn into glucose but really only if you have a lot. You could say it is the excess that is converted. A normal recommendation is to have slightly under 1 gram per kg you weigh. So if your weight is 90kg you could probably eat 70-80g of proteins without any conversion. You can try to experiment a bit ad eat really low carb and try how the protein impacts the bs level.


  181. Sophia Clark says:

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  182. Cobie Van Hooft says:

    Hi. I’m trying to start the lchf diet as a life changing choice. I’m worried that I have not got all the information I need before I start. Also I’ve had my gall bladder removed, I have excessive acid reflux and take omeperazole for this. I also have Mild IBS if I eat too much fat. Can you give me any advice on what to read or do please?

    • Tommy says:

      I do not have much experience when it comes to the lack of gall bladder but I know that a lot of people get better from their IBS when excluding carbs. If the problems is worse when you eat “pure fat” you might try to increase the fat levels by choosing fatter meat.Chicken thighs instead of breast or entrecote instead of sirlion etc.

      If you have not checked out you can look there. Not sure if there is any info about the gall bladder, but there might be.


  183. Keith Lorino says:

    My question is I am working with my wife who has pcos and diabetes type II (moderate), my question when I am planning her macros would a 50% fat 30%protein, and 20% carb be a good ratio for her, also should men with low testosterone have same macros or are there fat intake even higher.

    Thank you

  184. Layla says:

    is milk allowed??!

    • Tommy says:

      If you drink ordinary full fat milk it will still get you a little high on carbs if you are trying to go really low. If you are more liberal milk could be ok.


  185. Leo Tat says:

    Hi Tommy,

    I started LCHF 4 years ago.

    Before that I did 2 days fasting a week. Lost some waist size and weight through fasting alone.

    Doing LCHF on top, further reduced my weight. I noticed my energy maintained steady on LCHF. I remember in the past I would feel so tired in the afternoon right after lunch. I don’t get that anymore. Going low carb definitely avoids the sugar highs and lows that results in energy dips and hunger pangs.

  186. Nancy says:

    Hi Tommy 🙂 could you please make an estimate for my daily balans of fat,proteins and carbs in %? At the moment I have 63 kg but I want to have 56 for my 163cm.Thanks!

  187. Jorge says:

    Hello I recently started a LCHF diet that was given specifically to my wife. I am 5’9″ and weigh 215lbs right now. I gained quite a bit of weight these last couple of years so wanted to try her diet. Should we both be following the same diet she is 5’6″ and weighs about 135 if I’m not mistaken. What balance should a persone of my size be following??

    • Tommy says:

      I think you both can follow the same diet and eat pretty much the same food. For a start I would recommend go as low as possible on the carbs. At least 75% of the energy should come from fat.

      Good luck!


      • Jorge says:

        Thank you, one more question. When following a LCHF I guess it is said that calories really don’t matter. So how do portions work? So can I have like. 16oz ribeye steak with a butter sauce, some asparagus and maybe cauliflower on the side, 3 times a day (just an example)? Even though it is around a 1000 calorie, but may balance to the 75-20-5?

        • Tommy says:

          After some time the calories will go down. If you eat “75% fat” you will get full quicker and stay “un-hungry” longer. So in that respect the calories is not interesting. They are not “irrelevant”. To much calories for too long time will still have impact on the weight but as I said, hopefully the calories will go down…


  188. Shelby says:

    What about seasoning what is good and bad can you help.. I love fresh garlic and some dry seasonings like thyme, Italian, cinnamon, etc. but there is nothing said about them I season all my meats and some veggies . Also what about sauces like hot sauce ?

  189. Cate Novis says:

    In your opening paragraph, the word should be written as ‘fuel’ in English, not ‘fule’.

  190. CD Rogers says:

    Tommy – I have been in moderate ketosis for about 1 month. My macros for 1200 calories a day are: Fat 70% at 110 g, Protein 25% at 45 g, and Carbs 5% at 15 g. I have not lost any weight or inches. I am 61 female, fairly active. I use the elliptical at 5mph level 5 for 30 minutes 3 days/wk, I walk a couple of days a week and I play golf as often as possible. I weigh 189 and want to be a healthy 145ish – any advice?

    • Tommy says:

      Sometimes the result can take some time. Especially if you have been dieting on and of before. Is the carbs net or total? If total i thing your thinking looks ok. Just give it some more time.


  191. I would just like to say that any radical diet is dangerous if you don’t do it correctly. Educate yourself about sugar metabolism and find what’s best for you. I support quitting sugar completely, but it is also important to know that the sugar you eat with fruit doesn’t have the same metabolic pathway as the one added in sweet drinks. I like to visit this link when I measure my blood sugar level.

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  195. Dawn M Becherer says:

    I’m on a 1200 calorie LCHF diet,
    50% fat- 35% protein- 10-15% carbs.
    Can anyone please tell me how many grams of carbs that equals ? I’m not sure what to eat on this diet. This diet is new to me so any helpis appreciated.

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