The IKEA diet

Today I was away on a business tripp all day visiting some of our stores in Gothenburg. Between meetings I met up with one of our region managers at the local IKEA-store. When I waited for him I had a cup of coffee athe IKEA-Bistro. It was around lunch so I witnessed  a strange habit among 3-4 gangs of construction workers (or some kind of handymen anyway). The all went to the bistro to get 4-6 hot dogs for lunch. I went to the signs to have a look at the price of the hot dogs. 5 SEK per hot dog.

This is crazy cheap, So a quite filling lunch of 6 hot dogs for only 30 SEK. Less than 4 USD… Not very LCHF but cheap…

I did not have any hot dogs but when I got home quite late after a lot of driving (my GPS was not really comfortable with all the road works in Gothenburg) I fried some chicken. To the chicken I made a garlicy mayo.

The intake was



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