Crazy day in Stckholm

Today I have been in Stockholm to do some interviews with three store managers. I left the second one just before 3 pm to go to the final store. A few minutes into the interview we herd a little dock on the door. One of the staff informed us about something that had happened outside the store. A truck was drivenn over a lot of people and killed 3 as of what I know now. We quickly closed the store and moved staff and customer to our inner area for everyones safety. We took care of everyone and distributed water, nuts and whatever we could give away from the store. The store I just was just at the street where the truck smashed into the people. The truch threw a large sculpture thru our window… It feels a bit strange to know I was there just a couple of minutes before.

The police closed down the entire city center and we was told not to leave. They also evacuated the central station so my train home was off course canceled. We stayed in the store 3 hours before we closed the store and went out. I managed to get a nice hotell room and hopefully I will be able to go home tomorrow morning…

I got an upgraded hotell room with both jacuzzi and sauna…


Before all this happened I managed to get lunch with an old friend.

On my walk to the hotell most of the restaurants was closed or full so no dinner tonight.



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  1. Eric says:

    So horrible..sometimes life is a matter of minutes..

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