Here comes the nose…

So, after sour throat and fever… Here comes the running nose. I felt a lot better during the afternoon today bun in the last hour or so the nose is really runny…

I have started using a new cool app called Life Cycle. It is tracking “everything” I do. The graph for today looks a little boring. I just went out for a little shopping. A lot of sleep and the rest of the time just at home (mostly spent in the sofa).

For dinner I had pork chops and since they say garlic is good agains colds I made a crazy garilcy butter… Maybe that’s what got the nose running…

The intake was

I did also get some painting done so now I have all the terrain painted for the Walking Dead (the Police station was not painted by me…).


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  1. Deborah says:

    Hello Tommy,
    Sorry you weren’t well. Hope you get on the mend quick, quick, quick! I wanted to ask: Do you still eat 1x a day?


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